Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The New Loft!

Eliza and Max, you guys are going to an awesome concert tonight and I'm a little jealous. Therefore, I will try and one-up you. Guess who's playing here in Norfolk soon?!? John Prine. And I will go and see him. So there.

Ok, so can we have a little discussion now about American Idol? If you are not watching it three nights a week like I am (or at least on Tuesday and Wednesday). YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I swear, I know you all are busy, etcetera etcetera. But you MUST make time for it. It's amazing. Many of the female vocalists are leaving a lot to be desired, but the men. The friggin men are amazing! There's this one, Ace Young. Max, Mo, Eliza, Rennie, even you guys would have sex with him. Seriously, he's amazing. And the singing is amazing. I just know you guys are not watching, and you must. That's all I'm going to say about it.

So, I haven't even shown you all pictures of the loft. Do you wanna see? Here it is! Now, please ignore the wicker furniture in the living room. I swear it's only temporary.

Here is our front door,


It's hard to get the whole space in one shot, but here is a view from one end,


All the exposed brick!


This is the kitchen,


And the bathroom,


And my first very own laundry room,


And the bedroom area,


And Jason's office area


And finally, Jason's records, of course.


We are totally loving it, even though it still doesn't feel like we live here. I'm very anxious for some real furniture. We're getting a sofa this weekend, and I'm psyched. Who knew that I'd ever be this excited about buying a piece of living room furniture. Also, we need so dining room chairs and a million bookshelves.

Tell me what you think!