Sunday, January 01, 2006


I had a baby yesterday morning!

Well, technically, I did not have a baby. But I did get a dog! And technically, I did not get a dog; Sandy got a dog. But nevertheless, we have a new member of our household and I am so excited about it.


Oscar is five years old, and he is a Shih Tzu. Sandy calls him a "sheee-zu." He came to live with us because his mom and dad, who are friends of Sandy's friend, just had a baby and they have been unable to give Oscar the love and attention he deserves. Oscar's dad was very sad to give him up, and earlier in this week he wrote us an email telling us about Oscar. This little tid bit is indicative, not only of how much Oscar's dad loved him, but also of how friggin cute and distinctive Oscar's personality is:

"He loves golf balls more than anything. He will bring you a ball and drop it in front of you and go chase it time after time. When you get tired of playing with the ball and hide if from him he will find it, so make sure you hide it where he can not smell it.

He hates baths, but likes to attack the towel after we towel him off. He hates the Vet. He was born with a hernia and recently had it removed for precautionary reason. He also swallowed a piece of plastic a couple of years ago and had to stay at the vet a couple of days, so that may be why he hates it. He also dislikes getting groomed. We usually have him groomed every 2 months and have the groomer give him a puppy cut and then just let it grow out. He is also afraid of storms and shakes when ever a big storm comes."

Sandy and I picked him up yesterday in Williamsburg, and as the three of us were driving away, Sandy said, "Oscar, today is your adoption day." When we got home, he paced the house and looked very bug-eyed-ish, but today he seems to be much more comfortable. I think he's excited that it's New Years Day. So that's the surprise! Here are two more portraits of the sweet lamb:




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Oscar, I love you! -Phil

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