Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No More Drama

Life has been very regular for me lately. Which is new. In New York, we were so broke, and it was always so damn cold outside, and we were a little or a lot less responsible, that every day presented its own mini-drama to get through. Last year at this time, our roommate, Adam, and I had to sit in the bar on the corner of our block from the time that we got out of work until bedtime, because the bar had heating and our apartment did not. I worked on my thesis and Adam worked on I don't know what, and we enjoyed the free heat and drank gin and tonics, so they would not kick us out of the bar for loitering. Also, at this time last year, I wound up in the hospital with an "infection in my fallopian tube." To this day, I honestly do not think there was an infection in my tube. I really believe it was just some bad gas. But, the hospital that I went to in Brooklyn was not what I would classify as "well staffed" or "medically professional" or "cleanly" or even "a member of the National Medical Assocation." But that is neither here nor there. The point is, I'm used to a lot of drama, and there isn't a lot of that going on right now.

Every day, Jason drives me to work. I work, and I enjoy my job. I would even go as far as saying that I love my job. At five, Jason picks me up. We cook dinner, and then I try to stay up and watch some television or compute on my computer, but I generally fall asleep by 9:30. Not very dramatic. The wedding planning is adding some excitement, but I really haven't dug in yet. The past two days, however, there has been an event of note for me. PBS is showing this awesome three part mini-series called Country Boys. It follows the lives of two boys living in rural Kentucky. I think it's really good television and recommend it.

If you'd like, I can tell you a little bit about our neighborhood drama.

The woman who lives across the street from us is very old and volunteers at the local "center for enlightenment." She has extra space in her house, so she is kind enough to host foreign exhange students from the Center. And the young woman who is staying with her now is an animal whisperer! For clarity's sake, let's call her AW. Now the older woman used to have a dog. The dog used to roam around the neighborhood making housecalls, and Jason and I used to call him The Mayor, which is how I will refer to him here. The mayor died this summer at the age of 18. He led a good life. AW has been known to talk to different members of the block and describe the conversation that she had with his or her cat or dog. The funniest story, however, is the one she told about The Mayor. She said that she recently spoke with his spirit, and he told her that he's been down in New Orleans helping the Katrina victims. So I guess it's ok that The President may or may not have dropped the ball with the hurricane response, because the mayor has been down there taking care of things the whole time.


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May I just say that I told that story about the mayor last night to Daryll and he just about peed himself! Tomorrow is the big moving day! What will I ever do! Booo!

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