Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Details

Ok, now that I'm not feeling so damn scatter-brained, I can write a real paragraph or two. Eliza was correct in saying that I have so many things to say on my website that I haven't mentioned in this past month of non-writing.

Aside from the death of our beloved friend, life is still good! Last weekend, my friends from work and I had a girls' night out. Ok, that's misleading. We did not actually have a "night out." There wasn't any getting drunk happening, or dancing on table-tops, or debuachery of any sort. We did, however, go out to dinner.


The ladies, in order from the top left, going counter-clockwise, are Jody, Alisha, Me and Jenny. I will tell you about them. None of them are from Virginia either! Jody is from Michigan and moved here this summer when she married her high school sweetheart. She's quite at first and very sweet and thinks that soda is called "pop." Alisha is from Salt Lake City. She is not Mormon, and she, too, is married. She is not shy or quiet and she has great fashions. You know me, so I will not give you a short synopsis of myself. Jenny is a sweet lamb. She is from Massachusetts just like me! In fact, she went to boarding school about a half an hour from my boarding school in the Berkshires. Jenny and I enjoy giggling and gossiping together at work. The moral of the story is, it's so nice to have some buddies in this not-so-strange-after-all land. And they are normal people! And they like me back, despite my strange qualities and the wanderer. I have also made another friend at work, who I think is friggin awesome. His name is Sarantos, and he is a lover of cats. He's smart and very thoughtful and reminds me in many ways of Gregory. For those of you who know me in the physical realm of life, you will meet these characters that I speak of at the wedding.

And speaking of the wedding. I am making so much progress in the planning. I deserve an award for the love of god. An Oscar, a Pulitzer, a Nobel, whatever, I deserve it. Get ready for it. I bought my dress!!! And I booked the location! And I had my first meeting with the florist! It's true! I'm getting married and there's actual evidence to prove it now! So here are some details. The dress. I got it at an amazing bridal consignment shop called Blush in Newport News. It'a Ivory, not white, and it's strapless and all that I ever wanted my dress to be. I like it better than the four thousand dollar dresses I tried on at the fancy shop. I really do. AND it cost me only five hundred dollars. I am the vacuum cleaner of bargains. It's just coming so natural to me! And the location. It's going to be at a golf course with a fancy club house in town. It's owned by Jack Nicholson, and it looks very Virginia. The ceremony is going to be outside, and the reception will be inside in the big dining room that opens onto the long veranda. Fancy. And the flowers. Not much has been decided on that end yet, but the flower meeting was really overwhelming and I almost started crying in the shop. Not so fabulous of me. I was a little bridezilla-ish in that moment. I can't decide if that's good or bad though. Anyway, that's that. Even though this week has been very hard and very sad, there has been happiness too. And many cocktails.


Anonymous Sal sal said...

Becca - That's so sad about Austin.
And so very nice to have a table of chicks, your girls look lovely.

Adam and I rubbed shoulders with Martha, not once but twice on Tuesday night. I never liked her, but seeing her in real life I felt her magnetism and dignity - it was wierd. We went to the MOMA for a screening of the documentary about Frank Gehry that I have been working on and by sheer coincidence we happened to enter and exit the building at the same time as Martha and her minders. I also made eye contact with Sydney Pollack who I used to hate as well, but now love.

Needless to say we miss you terribly and will come and visit soon I hope xo

6:57 AM  

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