Friday, December 30, 2005

Personality Weakness

In my quest to become a "mature adult," I've been actively meditating on how to better my inner self. Seriously, I am. Once in a while though (well, if you want me to be totally honest here, way more than once in a while), I am one hundred percent totally jealous of another person. I am going to refrain from announcing here on the internet who and what I am jealous of, but I must vent and get it out and announce that I am, in fact, quite jealous right now. If Martha Stewart were here with me at this moment, she'd say, "Rebecca, quit being jealous, it's childish. Get out there and start your own empire. It worked for me." So I'm going to go ahead and do that. Well, I probably won't start an empire, but I will get over being jealous.

In other news, I have a surprise to tell everyone, but you're going to have to wait until tomorrow after all of the proper actions have been performed.

Master of the Web

I'm off to work.

The other night, a guy sitting next to us in a restaurant must of overheard Jason talking about designing websites and how it can sometimes be a pain in the ass. As we were leaving, we overheard him say to his lady companion, "Designing websites is easy. All you have to do is go to" How awesome is that.

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Joys of Giving and Receiving

Christmas sure was nice. And exhausting.

I know this sounds cheesy, but I actually do love the feeling of watching someone else open I present that I got for him or her than opening presents myself. This year I got Jason and surf casting fishing pole and a tackle box full of tackle. He was so excited. The pole was eight feet long and impossible to wrap, so I wrapped up an empty clothes box and put a note inside it that said, "Dear Jason, Merry Christmas! I love you! We're engaged! Your present is under the sofa!" The pole, however, was not under the sofa, because it did not end up fitting under the sofa when I went to deposit it early Christmas morning. After he read the note, I had to inform him that the present was, in fact, behind the Asian room divider, not the sofa. Luckily, he found it. Also, Rennie, Jason, and I bought Sandy her first digital camera. We gave her a lesson on how to use it last night and now she is out of control. Her inner photographer is busting out.

Jason surprised me and gave me another diamond. This time, it's on a necklace. It's the matching diamond to the one on my ring. I feel shocked about it still. I went from having no jewels to having a hundred thousand jewels. Well, two, but you know what I mean.

This is the fourth Christmas I've spent in Virginia with Jason's family. Every year it's awesome. This year was no different in awesomeness, but for some reason I felt particularly sad thinking about my family and wondering if they were all ok. I felt worried that my dad, who lives alone in Massachusetts, and my brother, who lives alone in Los Angeles, would be lonely. I know that I am not the center of the universe, and that people all over the world are happy even though they do not have me around on a day-to-day basis. But nevertheless, I felt like their day might be better or more cheerful if they had me with them to celebrate. I have this bad habit of feeling like I am responsible for everyone else's happiness. I'm working on it.

In other news, I went to the mall today because I cannot stop buying things. It was a mad house, but I was successful in spending money that should be saved. And I got to spend some quality time with my new sistah, Rennie. God love her.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

As usual, I'm the first one awake. So I am sitting here waiting for everyone to wake up and begin the present-opening. This week has been awesome. My levels of holiday spirit have been through the friggin roof. Both of my parents seem to be doing really well this week too, which is a huge relief to me, as I usually spend a lot of time worrying about them. I hope you all have a fabulous day! Eliza, I just realized that you will not receive my christmas card for a very long time! I sent it to your house in New York, not Utah. Woops. Love you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


So, oh my god, the MTA workers in New York are actually on strike! I mean, it seems like it was bound to happen, but holy smokes, it's really happening! I have so many feelings about the situation, but unlike Mayor Bloomberg, who calls the strikers "thuggish," I am having a hard time deciding that either side of the conflict is right or wrong. As I understand the situation, the MTA union is demanding a ten percent pay increase each year for the next three years. That does not seem like too much to me. To begin with, don't most salaried jobs increase an employee's pay each year if he or she is meeting the company's expectations? And secondly, we all have to keep up with inflation. The MTA workers (for example, a subway operator) perform a very specialized job and have learned skills that are very specific to their work place. There are no other subway companies or systems in New York City that they can just switch to if they are unhappy with their current wages. They seem to be backed into a corner to me. If they are unhappy with their salary situation, they have to do something that most of us would not have to do to change it, which is to switch careers entirely.

I do understand that what they are doing is against the law and is negatively affecting many many people. With that said, couldn't the MTA be developing some wider parameters within which employees can successfully petition to correct their grievences?

Ok, enough uninformed debating for me. Jason, Sandy, and I decorated the tree the other night, and it was awesome.




My last order of business tonight is to officially recognize my buddy, Jenny. She's the one who I've been going to the hip hop dancing classes with. I've decided that she's definitely a keeper, and I am so excited to have a good friend down here. I will now cease the complaining. I even told her today that I have a blog. So she may or may not be reading this. Jenny, are you there? Hello!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hi buddies, did you miss me?

It's Saturday morning, and I am finally able to sit down and do nothing in peace. I felt like I was in a black hole all week. The training that we're doing at work is intensive and by the end of the day I can tell the difference between the total return on a mutual fund and my shoe. But aside from the information overload, it's been a really good week. Believe it or not, I'm actually starting to make new friends. It's awesome. One night we went out to Norfolk and actually had drinks! I'm a regular person again! I'm functioning properly in Virginia! Not a hermit!

As I just finally started my Christmas shopping on Thursday, I have a ton more to do today. I love Christmas shop. In general, shopping is one of my favorite things to do, but when buying for myself, there is always some level of guilt involved. However, with Christmas shopping, there's the fun of shopping without the guilt. Christmas shopping is do-gooding. The only other downside is that there's not a Cinnabon in our local mall. It's really a shame. But there is a Chick-fil-A. Luckily.

Jase is still sleeping right now. We had a late night last night and took a car home, so our car stayed out all night. That means we have to go get her this morning. So last night we went out for Thayer's official birthday dinner, and then went out to a bar afterwards. I have this chronic problem, where I'm generally incapable of staying out late. For all of you who have ever gone out with me, you are probably sitting there nodding your heads right now. I'm a stick in the mud. For some reason, except for every once in a blue moon, after about one and a half drinks, I'm falling asleep at the bar and all I want to do is snuggle up in my bed. It doesn't even matter how much fun I'm having. I could be wooping it up with my friends, but as soon as an hour goes by, it's like there's a fuse shortage in my head, and the fun-Becca is brain dead. The naggy, sleepy Becca takes over. Poor Jason. He's usually a good sport and takes me right home, but sometimes he just wants to stay and have a good time. Last night, after a pep talk from Thayer, I tried to rally and dance for another hour, but I couldn't help but be cranky the whole time. I'm trying to get better about this, but it's an uphill battle. It's in my nature. I'm a cancer.

Monday, December 12, 2005

A country wedding?

Today is Monday, and I am FEELIN it. Our gas line is down, and neither the heat nor the fireplace is working, so that's fun.

Jason and I had an awesome and event-filled weekend. Saturday was our friend, Thayer's, birthday. That evening, we went out to dinner with him and his delightful mother, and then went to his son Canyon's Christmas play. Canyon is eight years old, and is in an acting troup called the Harrah Players. Their play was called "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever" and was about the children of a poor family discovering the meaning of Christmas. Some of the scenes were just so moving that I could not reign in the tears. At one point Jason noticed that I was wiping my eyes, and he said, "Are you crying?!" And, embarrased about crying at a children's christmas play, I answered, "No, something's wrong with my contact." I thought he bought it, but after the play he announced to everyone that I was weeping during the show and blaming it on my contact.

After Canyon's play, we went to a party at Thayer's sister's big, fabulous Southern estate. I haven't partied or even participated in what most would call "going out" since we left New York. But the party was just so amazing. There was a bartender in the main part of the party and a hidden refrigerator filled with booze in every room of the house. Sometime after midnight we, including Rennie and her group of fabulous lesbian friends, retired to the pool room and had a blow out dance party. Allegedy, Kallie and I were dancing on a table. It felt so good to relax and let loose. I've been feeling like such a friggin stick in the mud lately.

On Sunday we brunched and did the crosswords, like we used to do at Enid's in Brooklyn. Ah, the old days, I sort of miss them.

Other good news, is that Thayer has suggested the idea of perhaps hosting the wedding at his new house. He and Kallie are currently in the process of building this house. It's going to be big and beautiful and it's on nine acres of land. If it works out, we could set up a big tent and a dance floor, and buy booze in bulk from a wholesaler instead of paying a catering company. We would also do, perhaps, a fancy barbecue-type menu. This idea seems a lot better to me than a destination wedding. And Ashley, you're right, I think travelling to the crazy South is going to be destination enough for a lot of the guests. I've also been thinking a lot about Mandy's advice, and I think that up until now, I have been way too concerned about putting on a show for my family and friends. I think that if I let go of that way of thinking, then I can put together a wedding that is not only managable in terms of cost, but that Jason and I will actually enjoy planning and participating in. So forget the destination or fancy stuffy wedding. I want to do big, country, barbecue dance party. That's my latest idea. Maybe I'll actually stick with it this time.

And ps. can Arnold please pardon Tookie Williams death tonight. Maybe I'm being an idealist here, but perhaps the country can make use of him. Let him tour the country and educate the kids about gang violence and its consequences. Providing, of course, that they sent an officer along with him.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Week in Review

I am so friggin glad it's Friday. Turns out, it takes a while to get used to this rigorous, rigorous work schedule. Not only have I been neglecting cleaning, laundry, and all other domestic responsibilities, I have even been neglecting my blog! My favorite thing to do! I have not, however, been neglecting my bed. The only thing I have energy for is sleeping.

Rennie is in town for the weekend, which is very exciting. A friend to hang out with, finally. Even though she is planning to go see Brokeback Mountain with her girlfriend, I am trying to get her to see it with me this weekend. I could not be more excited about this movie. I have also requested that she write a guest entry on Southern Becca, and she has accepted. So look out for it, coming to a PC or Mac near you.

Wedding planning has been out the window this week. I'm in the process of reevaluating my idea of an ideal wedding, as it looks like I am going to need to cut some costs. Surprise, surprise. Are you all horrified by the idea of a destination wedding? Honestly, I would really love your opinions. I'm entertaining the idea of doing it on an island, and have it be more of a fabulous vacation with all of my friends rather than an over-planned reception. I know it seems a little crazy, but it might be a blast. Please tell me what you think. I need some advice.

I read some article recently about how bloggers should write entries about specific events or topics, as to make it more interesting but that is impossible for me, so eff that.

Jason and I babysat the sweet child of a family friend last night. We played Christmas music and made Christmas cookies. It was awesome. How cute is this:

Cookie workshop

Christmas cookie to the max

Have I mentioned that I love the holidays?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


This is going to be a short one. I've been busy as a bee, but I will write more later tonight. I'm on my way to a hip hop dance class with my new friend! Woooop. But I wanted to tell you all this.

Download the following song: Forever Young by The Youth Group. It's friggin awesome.

I'm so excited about Martha Apprentice tonight.

Monday, December 05, 2005


I tried on my first wedding dress tonight! Oh my god, it was so much fun. It all started when a family friend, Abby, who got engaged the day before I did, told Sandy that the local bridal shop is having a big fifty percent off sale. She bought her dress for only eight hundred dollars. Let's keep in mind that to me, only eight hundred dollars is quite relative. My car only cost two hundred dollars more than Abby's cheap dress. But I'm learning that I will probably have to spend at least that amount on a dress that I love. I digress. The point is, I tried on my first wedding dress today!

I've always imagined my wedding dress to look like Carolyn Bissett Kennedy's dress. I've always wanted something really simple, maybe strapless, without frilly notions of any kind. Tonight, however, I fell in love with this dress that was all, believe it or not, lace. It was beautful. It must have weighed one ounce. It was fitted to the body and just one layer of thin lace. Underneath, there was a skin colored floor length camisole. It was amazing. I'm in love. The problem is, it costs $4,600. budgeter says I should only spend nine hundred dollars on my dress, given my budget. Yuck. I'm going to be doing some research online tonight to see if I can find a cheaper version of this dress.

I got a card in the mail this weekend from Eliza that was addressed to "The Future Mr. and Mrs. Jason XXXXXX" I just realized I should not write the name, as I have not given that information away on this website. But anyhow, it was so cool to see it in writing. Loved it. Thanks, dude.

I heard it's snowing up north. I sure don't miss that. But I sure do miss my buddies. I wish you were all here to take me out to cocktails. I need some damn fun. I'm still going a little crazy on the friend front. Ok, I'm off to go watch crime-solving drama shows with Sandy on prime time.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I love my job!

I do. I really do. During the first two days of training, I had my doubts. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, I felt tired, I didn't like the idea of training for so long, etc. But lo and behold, I'm finding myself totally interested in what I'm doing! I think the spark was lit yesterday afternoon when we started getting into the meat of the job: mutual funds. Today, we started learning the ins and outs of mutual funds: growth funds, income funds, etc. We learned about junks bonds and investment grade bonds, and lots of other things that might make up a mutual fund, and I was actually loving it. Unlike the way I felt in school, I'm sincerely interested. I want to know more. I'm not just asking questions to impress the professor. I really want to know, now. Blah blah...


The above is what I wrote yesterday when I got home from work and was feeling inspired. Today, I'm too exhausted to finish the post. Woops. I still love my job, but now it's Friday night, and my priorities have shifted from finishing that cheesy post to going out to dinner, for the love of god. The week, it has been a long one. I am so excited to hang out and relax and stare at my ring for hours at a time. On the weekend, Sandy likes to plan shopping and beauty events for the two of us. She tells me in advance that we're going to do something, but she doesn't tell me what we're doing. She calls it the Surprise Train. Tonight the Surprise Train is taking us out to eat. I can't wait.