Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Let the wedding planning begin!

Ok, it's time for some wedding talk!

I think we're going to do it in September. The Fall is my favorite season. I feel sentimental in the fall. And I always thought it was a shame that September does not have any holidays, so I'm thinking it would be the perfect month for a wedding anniversary. Jason prefers the Spring. He says that the fall is a time of "death and decay," whereas the spring is a time for "new life." He does have a point, but we can't plan a wedding in time for this spring, and I do NOT want to wait a year and a half for our wedding. I already waited three and a half years for the proposal, I just can't handle the waiting. So, September it is! Hopefully.

I've been having a hard time finding places in the area that would be good wedding/reception sites. Jason and I already decided that we do not want to get married in a church or any place with religious affiliation. We'd feel fraudulent. We'd rather find one beautiful place, and have both the ceremony and the party there. I was psyched the other night when I found the Founders Inn online, right here in Virginia Beach. Looks pretty right? I can picture it now: sunny, breezy day, Mia and Lily throwing flowers down the aisle while walking towards the lake, lots of tears. Et cetera. There's only one catch. The damn place is owned by PAT ROBERTSON! If we get married there, we can kill two birds with one stone. Our money will pay for our wedding expenses AND support abortion and the christian right! Awesome! Needless to say, we'll be looking elsewhere. I'm thinking here and here.

In other news, I'm still getting used to the whole "working" thing. I feel so friggin tired! Who has time to work?! There's so many other things I need to be doing. I promised myself I wouldn't complain about working, and here I am complaining. One good thing happened today at work though. I don't want to jinx myself here, but I'm going to tell you anyway. I might have made a friend! If it turns out we do, in fact, want to be friends, this will be my first friendship I've made on my own in Virginia! I know I sound like a cheeseball, but I actually am excited about this. Who knows, maybe someday I'll even "go out." But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

In memory of those days gone by when having a friend didn't seem like such a big deal to me, here are some pictures. I took these in March, on Jason's Birthday, when we were surrounded by some of our favorite people at our little house in Brooklyn.

This is Bronah, Annette, Gregory, Peter, Adam, Sal Sal, and Jason.

Jason's 31st Birthday Party

Here is me and my buddy Bronagh. Bro are you reading this? I love you and I miss you.

Beck and Bro

Here are Sal Sal and Adam, they already got married. They're old veterans now.

Adam and Sal Sal

And finally, here are Gregory and Annette. Greg was our roommate in Brooklyn for a long time. We love him. He and Annette are surrounded by people who are getting married this coming year. Talk about pressure.

Greg and Annette

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I've been hit by a mack truck

Oh my god! Life is crazy! The past two days have been a whirlwind. I started my new job, I learned about Office Ergonomics (make sure to let your spine sit in its natural s-curve if you want to avoid back problems; also, put the legs on your keyboard down, if you don't want tendonitis), I got my ring resized, and the wedding planning debates have already begun! I am so tired.

Today was my second day of work. I found out today that our training lasts for FOUR MONTHS! That means that I will be sitting in a class room for the next 16-18 weeks! I just got out of college, I don't wanna do that!!! But alas, I will. If I didn't love Ellen and Martha so much, I would say that it beats the Unemployment Extravaganza, but it does not. Nevertheless, I will complete the training, because I would like some damn paychecks. Is this the point in the game where I'm supposed to address the fact that everything I say on this website is independent of the views of my employer? Well it's true. Please let that be on the record. Anyway, as I was saying, I'm sad that the job part of my job does not start until March or April. I am also sad that we're not allowed to text message at work! It's against SEC regulations for messages to be coming in or out of the building that cannot be copied and accounted for. That includes personal emailing. There will be none of that, either. It's going to be a bit of an adjustment for me. But nothing Southern Becca can't handle. I'm almost a married woman. Bring on the adjustments.

And mercy, all I want to talk about is wedding planning! Please don't get sick of hearing about it. My new bible,, says not to talk about wedding planning to much because it gets annoying to every single other person. Is this true?! I don't want to believe it. I will try to talk about other things once in a while.

I already have a lot to say about my ideas for the wedding, but I have to go reheat lasagne for dinner, so I will have to make that a separate post. I'll be back. Over and out.

Sunday, November 27, 2005



So Jason and I took Austin the Dog for a walk this morning on the beach, and Jason proposed! I can't believe I'm even writing this, and it's true! I had convinced myself that he wasn't going to do it for at least a few more months, so I was so surprised. He got down on one knee, and asked, and I was so shocked that I said, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!" and he said he was serious, and he pulled out a ring. Needless to say, I said yes. It feels so good to be able to say yes to wanting to spend the rest of my life with someone, and mean it. I love Jason. I can't believe we're getting married!!!!!!!

Anyway, enough gushing. For now. Here is the ring.

The Ring

Now it's time to plan a wedding! I am so excited.


Ok, I'm back. Editing the post. I'm so excited I can't even stand it!! I'm bouncing around the house and I can't sleep and I don't know what to do with myself. Jason is quietly reading in a corner of the house right now. I think he was emotionally exhausted after going through the story over the phone by the third phone call. After what seems like a hundred and fifty phone calls later, I'm still ready for more. Only, it's too late to call people now.

My mom cried on the phone when I told her. Her reaction was amazing. My little sisters asked if we were going to do it today. Cute. My favorite reaction so far was from Jason's four-year-old nephew, Ramsey. I said to him, "Jason and I are going to get married!" and he sat in silence over the phone for about seven seconds, and then said "woah" and then handed the phone back to his mom.

I'm going to try and get some sleep now. It's been a busy weekend. I decided today to accept the job offer at the mutual fund company, and I'm going to start on Tuesday. Seriously, this weekend could not have been better. I still can't believe Jason wants to marry me. I feel really lucky.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm Back!

I keep trying to write something here, but I don't even know where to begin describing our week in Boston. Unfortunately, my dad developed a complication on the day before Thanksgiving from his surgery two weeks before, so we could not go to our annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Four Seasons. He was ordered to stay off his feet, so we got take-out from Boston Market instead. It was a little disappointing at first, but we ended up having a nice time anyway.

Instead of going into long stories, I think I'll show you some pictures instead.

Our first night in town, Newburyport, to be exact, Jason and I went out to dinner with my dad, his girlfriend, and my brother, John Michael, who was in town from LA.


We also got to spend some good quality time with some of my favorite people in the world, my Auntie Jamie and her family and my cousin Jess. We drank wine, and baked pies, laughed, and gobbled a lot. It felt good.



After dinner, on Thanksgiving Day, my dad's childhood buddies came over to visit. They are all from a town called Webster, which is near Worcester, Massachusetts. I am the only one in my family without a Boston accent, so when I asked one of the guys how "Webster" was doing, he was shocked and appalled. He said, "Becky, come on, say it right. It's "Webstah." Here they are. Can't you just see the Boston salt in their faces?


And as usual, I loved spending time with my sisters. Mia and Lily are seven (fraternal twins), and they are in second grade. They have more energy than any two children I have ever met. They are quite precocious, and I love them to death.

Here they are with my mother, brother, and me.


Oh, and the good news that I came back home to, is that I have another job offer! Hoowah! I don't have to be a bank teller! This offer is from the mutual fund company, and it pays thirteen thousand dollars more than the bank teller job does! I'm very excited. I haven't accepted yet, as I still have two more interviews this week, but I think I might.

Eliza, Mo, Max, Sal Sal, Ren, I love you, and I'm very thankful that I have you.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Oh my god, my sweet sweet internet, I have been without you for decades! Jason and I are at Starbucks right now. We're leaving Boston for Virginia tonight, and I will tell you all about my crazy week. There have been some peaks and valleys of the visit, but in the end, I think I will survive with a little help from some prescription medication. I miss you all and will update tonight.

In the meantime, a picture of some of my favorite people in the world. My siblings:


Monday, November 21, 2005

More holiday cheer, if you can believe it

We're going to Boston today! A little vacation to see my family for Thanksgiving. I am not excited about flying, but I am excited that we're not driving or training. All I can think about lately are the joys of the holidays. Cheesey, I know, but true. Yesterday, Jason, Sandy, and I were sitting at brunch, reading the Sunday paper. In one of the sections, there were featured haikus written by locals. Inspired, I tried to come up with a haiku of my own while sitting at the table. I tried to come up with something funny, but all I could think about were pies. So I wrote a haiku about pumpin and apple pies and how much I love them. I read it outloud, and Jason gave it the thumbs down. He said that it didn't address the mystery of the universe, which haikus are allegedly supposed to do.

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent Saturday with Thayer and Kallie and their little ones. Seriously, if Jason and I ever have a family of our own, I want to be just like them. Thayer and his son Canyon have jam sessions out in the garage!


And Kallie just does not ever get stressed out and frazzled by motherhood.


She and Thayer are so mellow, and their attitudes are really reflected in their kids behavior. Canyon and Sunny could not be funnier or sweetier or more fun to be around. Look.

This is Sunny, showing how old he is now (three)





Sunday, November 20, 2005

I can not stress how much I love the holiday season

It's been a fun-filled weekend here in the Southern Becca world. Friday night, we went to the quintessential southern affair: a Christmas tree gala at the Yacht and Country Club. There was food, and open bar, and different themed trees up for auction. Needless to say, Jason and I were unable to purchase the "Napa Tree" that came with a week vacation touring Napa Valley while staying in the guest houses of the vineyards' owners as well as dozens of bottles of wine. We did however take part in the open bar and the food (biscuts and country ham, shrimp cocktail, and a mash potato and toppings schmorgasboard.) It was a little stuffy, but there were a lot of southern accents, so all in all, it was fun. The best part, however, was dressing up. I wore my boring old black strapless dress, but added some pizzazz with Sandy's double-long pearls and mink shawl. FABULOUS. And Jason, I should add, looked handsome as usual.

Fancy 2

We also found out that Santa has followed my lead and relocated to the South as well.


And I forgot. Dressing up was the second best part. The real best part was hanging out with George W. Bush. We settled our differences over a few martinis, and now we're buddies. Look how happy he is to have met me!


On Saturday, we spend the day at Thayer and Kallie's house and helped celebrate little Sunny's third birthday. I have so many funny stories and good pictures that I will have to post them later tonight, as it's gonna be a long one.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Jason, this is not for your eyes

I went to the mall today to buy a birthday present for Thayer and Kallie's son, Sunny, who will be celebrating his third birthday tomorrow. Shopping for kid's clothes was a surprisingly good time. For some reason, outfits in the miniature are ten times better. They are already playing holiday music in the stores, and it got me thinking about Christmas presents. I love planning and buying presents, but I don't love the fact that all the presents I would ideally like to buy are way out of my budget. For example, I would love to get Sandy this, and Rennie this, but the cost of just one of these things is greater than my entire Christmas budget.
Oh, to dream.

I do, however know what I am going to buy Jason. He has been wanting something like this for a while, and it is right in my price range. What luck. All I want for christmas is a diamond ring and some fabulous outfits. Reasonable, right?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another Day...

I've had two great interviews in the past two days! I think that the mutual fund company is going to offer me a job, and I've been invited to a second interview at the tv station. For the tv station, I have to put together a sales presentation for my second interview, which should be fun. I'm excited about it.

I just picked Jason up from work, and we went to Burger King for lunch. Usually, I think BK is grrross, but today, I got their new chicken fries, and oh my goodness, they were delightful. The weather is finally getting cool here, and I'm excited to spend the weekend roasting by an open fire. Tomorrow night, Jason and I are going to a Christmas Tree Gala at the Norfolk Yacht Club. I'm psyched to dress up and drink from their open bar. The holiday season is coming!!

And p.s., Sally are you going to be in VB the weekend following Thanksgiving? We are. We'll be back from Boston on Friday night.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I do not like Tim Burton

I am praying to god that I get one of these two other jobs, so I don't have to become a damm bank teller. I have interviews todays and tomorrow, and I just CAN NOT mess them up. Things must be pretty bad for me, as this is about the sehbmdy-eighth time in the past month that I find myself praying to god. I'm not a prayer! And who's god?? The point is, I really want one of these two other jobs. They both pay a hell of a lot more than nine dollars an hour, and I actually like the job descriptions.

We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night, and holy smokes was it bad. It was so bad! I was very disappointed. My opinion about Tim Burton wavers, but I expected a little more from Johnny Depp. What I don't understand is why Tim Burton decided to add the "emotionally unstable" element to Willy Wonka's character. Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka was confident and charming and his dark jokes were mainly over the younger viewers' heads. Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka was blatantly mean (albiet funny, but that's not the point here) to the kids in the movie, and I imagine that kids watching this movie would feel frightened and upset whereas the first Wonka movie was just a little strange. I don't know, I'm sure it must be difficult to recreate such a revered movie, but man, I don't think Tim Burton was the one to do it. This movie, in my opinion, requires a very fine balance of joyful wonder and sarcasm, or of hope and darkness, but the point is, Tim Burton's sensibilities definitely tipped the scale. I think that if the same cast were used, but the movie were made by someone else, it could've been great. Oh, and p.s. the scenes dragged on, and the musical numbers sucked. AND! The oompa loompas were all the same person! Were they all the same person in the first one??

Monday, November 14, 2005


There really is just not much to report on this front. I am more bored than I can even describe to you. I have watched each and every episode of Laguna Beach, The Real World, Clean Sweep, and even, for the love of god, COPS.

The good news of the day is that I found out how much money I will make if I take the teller job. Get ready. Wait for it...... NINE DOLLARS AN HOUR!

Ladies and gentlemen, I will be making fifty cents more than I made at my first job as a hostess at a cheesy Italian chain restaurant when I was seventeen! I'm really excited to visit my family in Boston this Thanksgiving and tell them all about my new career. They will be very proud of me.


It's been a while since I posted some pictures. Here are a few from our buddy visit last weekend:

Sal sal and Adam


Eliza and The Wanderer


The photogenic couple


Sal sal and Eliza, I sure do miss you guys. How's it going with your three week deadline?

It was such a beautiful day here yesterday that Jason and I decided to take a hike/walk yesterday along the path that we usually run along. I finally got to take some pictures. Seriously, could this place be any more f-ing scenic?





Spanish moss!



I'd write more about our weekend now, but Ellen is on in four minutes, and we only have a few mornings left together before my unemployment extravaganza comes to a screeching halt.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Citizen's Arrest!

So, I had to go down to the police station yesterday to get fingerprinted for the new job. One would think that getting fingerprinted was no big deal. In fact, I was sure that it would be no big deal because I've done it before for my college internship. Go in, press your hands down on some things, and then get out. Today, however, that was not so. To begin with, they still use real ink here! The woman used a small paint roller and spread ink all over counter surface, in fact, just for my finger tips. So I rolled up my sleeves, and the woman said "Ok, I need you to relax your hands and let me do the work. I will roll your fingers in the ink and then press them onto the paper. All you have to do is stand here with a limp hand and let me do it." No problem.

So she started doing the rolling and pressing, and I couldn't relax my hand! Involuntarily, my fingers wanted to roll themselves in the ink and press themselves on the paper. After a few tries, the woman said, "Relax your hand!" And I said "I'm trying!" She then instructed me to not watch the process and distract myself, as that might help her cause. Taking her advice, I decided to look away and chat with her. It was the perfect time to talk to a police officer about the topic I've always wondered about. Citizen arrests!

Me: So, hypothetically, can a civilian perform a citizens arrest on a police officer?
Me: (Woah) Well, you know, if a police officer was doing something illegal...
Me: No, no. I'm speaking entirely in theory here. There is no one that I actually want to citizen's arrest. I'm just interested in the idea of it.
Her: Well what could a police officer do that is illegal?
Me: For example, speeding down the road, ignoring traffic lights, and not participating in the general roads of the road that the rest of us are required to do.
Her: Is the the police officer in a police car?
Me: Well, he would have to be in order for me to know that he is a police officer.
Her: Then that is not illegal.

The woman was obviously uncomfortable with the idea of me performing a citizen's arrest on a police officer. She just could not understand that I was speaking hypothetically. Even when I tried to change the direction of the conversation, and talk about citizen's arrests between civilians, she still didn't like it. She basically told me that a citizen's arrest is a "mythical" concept. Like Unicorns! And that I should just forget about it.

It's good to know that my local law enforcer is so willing to explain the law and it's perameters to me.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hank! Hank!

Well when it rains, it pours! Lord a mecry. After I got the job call from the bank yesterday, a few new and quite interesting leads came my way. One of them is an interview for a position selling commercial space for television station (part of a media empire, if you will). The other is an interview for a position teaching math at an alternative school out here. Now, I know that teaching math is entirely out of the ballpark of the types of jobs for which I have been searching, but nevertheless, it seems so intriguing to me. The school is run by a larger non-profit in the area, and it seems quite progressive. We'll see. Working with a non-profit aligns with my long term goals, but not necessarily with my short-term goal of making a bunch of money in the next ten years. Although, if I really want to be honest with myself, being a teller isn't going to get me rich either. But. It just might put me in the right path. Oh, I am a rambler. I will go to the interviews and let you know what I think. I don't know how much time The Bank is going to give me to decide on their offer, but hopefully I'll be able to finagle a little bit of time to finess the field a bit more.

I ate pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning and I, of course, watched Ellen. There are definitely going to be some aspects of my unemployment extravaganza that I will miss.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I got a job!

Employment here I come! I can't even believe it I'm so excited. Granted, the job is by no means glamorous. I will be a bank teller. Nevertheless, I have a job! Sound the trumpets! I'll be forced to leave the house EVERY DAY! And even though this job is entry-level, I will climb the damn ladder and take over the world. Whoooop.

It all happened yesterday when I was driving Eliza to the airport. The HR woman from The Bank called and said they want me to come in for an interview (I had already taken a standardized test and a mini-interview) for the job. So I went in at 9am this morning and interviewed for an hour with two women. For a teller position, the interview was surprisingly long and involved. I got home by 10:30, and by 11:30, the HR woman called and said that they loved me! I went to do a drug test this afternoon and I have to do fingerprints tomorrow. As soon as they find out I'm neither a criminal nor a drug addict, they'll officially hire me. I'm going to have insurance! And pay checks!

To be honest with you, this position is so far below what I expected to do when I graduated from college. But for some reason, I'm bothered very little by this fact. Everything else in my life is so good (finally) at the moment, that if I'm behind in the career department, it doesn't seem like to big of a deal. I work on it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tim Kaine the Govnah

Breaking news: Kaine won for Governenr in Virginia. Looks like Kilgore (the Republican candidate) was negatively effected by Bush's support at the rally in Richmond last night. Hoowah. And it looks like the Democratic candidate in New Jersey is going to win as well. As I understand it, all of these Democratic wins are really going to put a wrench in Bush and his Republicans' long-term strategy. It is a good day. This is the first time that the candidate I voted for has actually won an election.

Go Tim Kaine!

We had to put Eliza on a plane tonight to go back to New York. A little sad, but she does have to finish school after all, as much as Virginia loves her.

Jason and I voted today! I love voting, I really do. I got to use the new electronic voting machine. They gave me a little atm-type card, and I stuck it in the machine and used the touch screen to make my picks. Very easy, and fun. I voted for Tim Kaine, the Democrat, for Governer of Virginia. And then I went down the line and picked all the other democrats running for office. Interestingly, Virginia's current Governer is a democrat, and Tim Kaine is in office underneath him. If this election follows suit of the last one, and these democrats are successful in office, then maybe Virginia will turn into a blue state instead of a red one. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Jason and Sandy and I went out for seafood tonight. I ordered the best thing on the menu, a lobster, crab and shrimp extravaganza. However, when the food came, I felt nauseous and couldn't eat. What a waste! My body is playing tricks on me.

I have some more pictures and funny stories to tell, and I will do so in the morning after my interview (this must be my thousandth interview by now.) Night night my friends!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Save the Date

Can you believe how long it's been since I've posted!? I swear, I'll never let it happen again. It's been a fabulous weekend. Many fun-filled activities. I'd post the pictures for you if Eliza hadn't already hijacked all of the good ones.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely our ladies' day out on Saturday afternoon. Eliza, Sal Sal and I galavanted around town in the Black Vulva and sang along to American Pie on the radio. We did some shopping, taught Sally how to drive (SUCCESS) went for a group run in the wilderness all in one afternoon.

Saturday night, we went to Adam's sister, Jennifer's, engagement party. It was elegant. Fancier and more elaborate than even most of the wedding receptions I've been to. The crowd there was very Jewish, so obviously, I was in my glory. I swear, you can't take me to a social gathering without me attacking some innocent guest and lecturing him or her on preserving the Yiddish language. Luckily, this crowd was very receptive. It is a dying language.

The other day, Jason and I got a "Save the Date" card in the mail for Jennifer and Stuart's wedding. It was postcard-shaped and had a storybook-like picture of the couple sparkling like stars in front of the night ocean. This arrival of this card got me to thinking about what I would want my Save the Date card to look like if Jason and I (EVER) get married. So, on Saturday afternoon while we were visiting the historic Fort Story lighthouse, Jason and I had a little photo session, and came up with the PERFECT Save the Date photo:

Save the Date!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


There's a secret that I haven't told any of you! I have found a new favorite hobby since I've moved to Virginia Beach. Please don't disapprove or make fun of me. I will preface this information by telling you that the part of Virginia Beach that we live in is very preppy and relatively well-to-do. Ok, so I have come to love going to the grocery store during the day and prancing around pretending to be a stay-at-home-mom. I spend about an hour getting ready for my trip. I shower, blow-dry my hair, spend a lot of time picking out my best, most mature-but-hip mommish outfit, and then spend an hour strolling around the grocery store. I think I look great for a young mom (if I were a mom, of course) and I like to make it a which-mom-looks-the-most-fabulous contest in my mind with the other women in the store. And there is some serious competition. Today, for example, there was a thirtyish woman with great hair, a very toned body, who looks like she had just gotten out of practicing soccer with her kids. Cute short shorts, perfect legs, tousled hair, shining diamond tennis bracelet, and not to mention a real-live child in tow. I think she might have even beat me in the contest. Anyway, the point of the story is, I exposed the truth of my charade to Eliza, and instead of shaking her head at me, she joined me! We even chatted about our kids and our bridge games while strolling through the isles. Eliza, I love you so.


Notice the ring (don't be alarmed, not real):

Look I'm married!


Buddies on the beach

My buddy is here to visit me! Someone to join in my unemployment extravaganza activites! It sure does feel like I left New York a little over a thousand years ago, rather than a little over a month ago.

This morning we took Austin for a walk on the beach. We tested the water, but it was a little too cold for swimming.

Beach walkin

Dog lover

Now, we're sitting in the office together staring at our computers like old times!

Computer buddies in Virginia

This one was in Utah:

Computer buddies in Utah

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Running. Not fun.

This is how I feel about running:

Post Run

NOT GOOD. Cross-eyed. Exhausted.

Seriously, I know that it's great to run. And I know that running is probably the only thing that is keeping me from turning into a hippopotomus. But come on! Why does it have to be so hard! Jason and I run multiple times a week, and it just doesn't seem to ever get easier for me. Jason runs along, not even noticing that he's exercising. I, on the other hand, gallop behind him like an animal, trying to hold myself together.

The thing is, about fifteen minutes after the run is over, and for the rest of the day, I feel fantastic. Never better. But the forty minutes of actual running feels like self torture. Please keep in mind that I just walked in the house from running, so my views are a little skewed. If you ask me in an hour if I like to run, I will probably tell you that running is my favorite thing to do in the world. I can't wait until I'm menopausal; then I am excused from running, and I can go walking with the ladies who I lunch with.

Yes, please

Goodness Gracious, it's Wednesday! Eliza, you are coming to visit me today! I feel so excited! AND Sal Sal and Adam are coming this weekend! It's like Christmas!

Jason just left for the office, and here I am again, alone at home in my pajamas, with no job to go to! Jason suggested last night that maybe instead of finding a bank job, that I should join him in his web design business. I don't know anything about graphic design, but I do know a bit about programming, and I am a fast learner. Plus, I could do marketing and business management for him. For the time being, I think this is a very good idea. This morning, I am going to do some tutorials on Dreamweaver. He would obviously have to do the bulk of the web-work, but perhaps I could learn to do some parts of the process, thereby making the total production time quicker. At this point, I love the idea of having ANY project to work on.

We went out to an Indian restuarant called Nawab last night. I just started liking Indian food about a year ago. Growing up in my family, the only spice that we ever used was salt. Not even pepper. So I have really had to train myself to get used to any kind of spices or spicy flavor. It has, however, paid off big time. Lots of things are spicy, down here in Virginia. And Indian food is effing delicious. Last night, we ordered crab meat curry. Basically, it was a pound of lump crab meat with a little bit of tomato cream sauce. I've eaten a lot of crab since I've been down here, but that dish was by far the best crab dish I've had so far. The best part of the evening was the waiter. He had perfect English, but the phrases he used were slightly out of context. The best example was his use of "Yes, please." Everytime he came to our table, he would start talking by saying "yes, please." "Yes, please. Would you like some more water." "Yes, please. How is your curry?" Etc. I loved him, and in answer to his water question, I responded, "yes, please." And then he responed "yes, please" back and poured me some water.

If any of you know any good tutorials or instructional web-sites to use on Dreamweaver, please let me know. I am ready to do some learning.