Monday, October 31, 2005

More Halloween!

Just as Sandy predicted, we had four trick-or-treaters! I didn't even mind though, because the few trick-or-treaters we had were AWESOME. Out of the four, I have two favorites. My first favorite was a little girl who said she was the "soup fairy." She dressed up as a soup-kitchen worker (apron, ladle, bandana) and added some wings. My second favorite was a the dead White Sox player. The little boy wore a white sox uniform and a knife in the head. Very cute.

Before the trick-or-treat extravaganza of four, Jason and I and the animals made a Jack-o-Lantern! Who knew it was so fun! Carving a pumpkin is NOT as easy as a look. I only did the nose, and I had to stop half way through and give my arm a little rest. Here are some pictures.

Jason was PSYCHED to get started.

Pumpkin, pre-masacre

So were the animals.

Beck, Jack, and the Animals

But the Jack was quite a success.


Oh, and Jason wore his skeleton mask again tonight. Although, while he was a dead cowboy last year, he mixed it up and was a dead middle-aged man this time.

Middle-Aged Dead Again


The big disappointment of this holiday, I have been informed, is that we do not get many trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood. What the heck?! We live in the country, a trick-or-treater's mecca, one would think. Nevertheless, I am hoping for a miracle. We bought orange-colored chocolate Kit Kat bars, and I will put them in a decorative bowl, and wait from dusk until eight pm for the little gobblins and Harry Potters to come.

Today, as usual, Ellen DeGeneres was full of delightful surprises. She dressed up as Don Quijote and his donkey. Her body was Don Quijote's body, and her legs were the back legs of the donkey. Don Quijote's legs and the donkey's front legs were, of course, fake. She even sat in her chair and interviewed her guest in her costume. It was the highlight of my morning. Clearly, I am leading a very exciting life here.

Once again, I have failed to come up with a costume. I imagine that Jason will wear his skeleton mask again this year. He has a very special attachment to the ugly thing, and every time we do a big house-cleaning or move, he refuses to let me throw it away. It was a gift from our old neighbor, Tristan. Three years ago, Jason lived in a really amazing loft in Brooklyn (I lived there for a few months with him before we moved into an apartment of our own), and Tristan lived in the loft across the hall. Tristan was flaming gay and so much fun. He and his roommates once threw a VH1 sponsored dance party. Anway, we ran into Tristan one Halloween, and he was wearing the mask. Jason expressed his love for the mask to Tristan, and we continued on our merry way. The next morning, Jason and I opened our front door, and sitting in front of our door, in the middle of the hallway, was the big, smelly, beer-encrusted mask with a big bow on it. It's been true love ever since, for Jason and the mask. Here are some pictures of Jason and Gregory, last Halloween. Jason dressed up as a dead cowboy, and Gregory was a Middle-Eastern Steve Urkel.

Dead Cowboy

Mideast Urkel

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dinner last night


Becca in love

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I love the Quarles'

I'm waiting for Jason to get out of the shower right now. We're going to dinner at a tapas bar in Norfolk called Bodega. I'm excited to eat many small items.

We spent a good part of the day clearing each and every leaf out of the yard. I was actually looking forward to it all week, because I've always wanted to wield a leaf-blower. It turns out, however, that the wielding of the leaf-blower is not so easy after all. I just couldn't get the leaves to cooperate and move together towards the damn pile. Evenutally I gave up and wielded the rake instead. Jason, unlike myself, is very good at leaf-blowing. He was enjoying bossing the leaves around so much that at one point he threw his arms up in the air and yelled, "I am the wind!" Good times.

Another good time today was when Jason's mom smelled my sweater and said, "Girl, I gotta teach you some hygiene." Sandy, I thought you'd never ask.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Deep thoughts about the Fall

There really hasn't been much to report these past two days. I do a lot of the same things every day. I wake up, watch Ellen, sit on the computer for long periods of time job searching and corresponding, read some blogs, sometimes run, walk the dog, sit on the front porch a lot, nag Jason, etc. The best part of my days are the evenings. Jason and I meet in the kitchen at six, turn on some music, drink some wine, and cook. Last night, I baked some apple pies and Jason cooked pork chops, squash and zucchini, and rice. Even though we do almost the same things we did in New York (excluding the going to work part, that is), our lives seem so much slower-paced here.

One thing I've noticed is that I've really been able to enjoy and revel in the fall season this year, in a way that I haven't done in a long time. Growing up in New England, it seemed like the whole year built up to the fall. It was almost as if everyone's happiness levels just exploded in September and October. The weather is so extreme there, no one can believe their luck when there are two months of mild and breathable weather. New York's a little different. The fall definitely still exists, but it is quicker and less noticable. There's not a lot of folliage to see, and brisk weather quickly turns into very cold weather. In Virginia, the change seems to happen very slowly. Like a snail. While spending so many hours feeding my filthy habit (which I will not spell right out on the internet), I spend a lot of time sitting on the front porch. Sitting, and looking, and thinking for lengthy periods of time are not things that I did a lot in New York. I don't know where I'm going with this, but the point is, it's really fucking nice.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Martha, I love you

There is a very special place in my heart for Martha Stewart. She is absolutely out of control, and I love her. Last night on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, she introduced everyone to french bulldog, Francesca Blackbird. I read in Vanity Fair this summer that Martha named her dog Francesca after an old woman who she really loved in the slammer. The best part of last night's show was when she surprised the contestants by showing up at their loft early in the morning. She said she was just stopping by to say hi, but she proceeded to walk around inspecting the cleanliness of the place. Immediately she giggled to herself and said, "Um, who's on trash detail?" The visit really reached its peak when Martha asked the group what it's like living in such close proximity to each other, with no privacy. "This is a lot like you know where..." she said. "You know, Alderson." Martha Stewart is definitely not above referencing her stay in federal prison in passing during a house visit.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Wanderer

To brighten up everyone's day, I have decided to provide a picture of myself! This is not any old picture, because if you look closely, there is something astray. Eliza, don't give it away =) I will give you a hint, it has something to do with my upper face.

The Wanderer

It's my eye that's astray! That's right, I have a lazy eye. My dearest friends call it The Wanderer. The Wanderer does not come out all the time. Luckily, for most of the day it hides itself and I am pardoned from the embarrassment. I was born with the lazy eye, and when I was little, the doctors tried everything to get the old girl to behave. Unfortunately, even with the help of an eye-patch, which, let me tell you, was a pleasure to wear to kindergarten, the eye DID NOT want to sit still. Finally, when I was around five, I had corrective surgery to fix the eye. The surgery was intense, they had to use a little machine to pull the eye out of my face and then weaken the muscle behind it, so it would match the muscle strength of my "good eye." The surgery worked like a charm. The only problem was, it left me with some annoying side effects. The first one is depth perception. Mine is relatively non-existent. I am, therefore, very clumsy and sometimes it takes me multiple tries to put my feet up on the automan, because I think that it's closer than it really is. The other side effect is that I do not have 3-D vision. It's hard to believe, but it's true. The eye doctor says that I have trained my eyes to see three-dimensionally by using shadows as reference points. As a kid, I would watch those movies on TV with my brother, you know, the ones wear you have to wear those crazy blue and red glasses? And I missed all the good stuff. The combination of these visual defects make me an EXCELLENT night time driver.

Back to The Wanderer. It started doing this in eigth grade, and does so at various times: when it's tired, when I'm drunk, when I look in a mirror and sometimes a camera, or whenever it wants to. There's no way for me to tell when it begins wandering. Things don't look different in my vision. I do, however, figure it out when the person with whom I am speaking looks over his or her shoulder to see what I'm looking at. What I do to derail the situation is to then look that way and pretend I actually AM distracted by something over his or her shoulder. And then I blink. Blinking will usually pull her back in place.

The trick is, I must always remember to put on my contacts before I go to the bar. After a few G&T's, The Wanderer will go buck wild if it does not have mechanical assistance. So there you have it, I have posted the quality of which I am most self-conscious, on the the internet.

Standardized Testing

Yesterday I had to take a standardized test as part of the interview process for one of the banks with whom I am interviewing. It took about three hours, and really brought me back to the high school SAT days. Obviously, it was a pleasure to do. There was, however, one tricky section. It had to be completed in thirty minutes, and there were twenty-nine questions. Each question gave a short paragraph long premise, and then a one line conclusion. Given the premise, I had to decide if the conclusion was:

a) Necessarily true
b) Probably, but not necessarily true
c) Indeterminable
d) Probably, but not necessarily false
e) Necessarily false

Here's an example for you to try:

Premise: If Rebecca gets a job at McDonalds she will probably not be happy. If she gets a job at Citibank, she will probably be happy. If she gets a job at Goldman Sachs she will definitely be happy. If Rebecca is happy with her job, she will buy 10 sweaters at J.Crew and 3 blazers at Marc Jacobs. Rebecca gets a job at Citibank.

Conclusion: Rebecca buys 3 blazers at Marc Jacobs.

Now what do you think about the conclusion?

The answer is "b, probably, but not necessarily true." If Rebecca gets a job at Citibank, she will probably, but not necessarily be happy, and therefore will probably, not not necessarily buy those items.

You see, these questions are not difficult, per se, but they were some very ambiguous ones, and I had to be quick about answering them. Hopefully I pass this one.

When did standardized testing become a popular practice as part of the interview process? Is this a Southern thing? I never had to do it in New York, but I've done three of these since I've been in Virginia. Next thing you know it, there's going to be a swimsuit competition and musical-instrument-playing section of the process! At this rate Napolean Dynamite, with his dance routine, might be better qualified to score a job than I am, for the love of god.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hace Frio

Forget what I said yesterday about the warm weather here. It's freezing! I'm wearing a sweater and a fleece and a winter hat. It's forty-eight degrees both here and in New York today, and forty-five degrees in Boston. I guess we're all pretty chilly today. Jason and I ate beef stew for lunch. If I were in New York, I would go to the Jacques Torres Chocolatier in Dumbo, Brooklyn today and drink their most delicious hot chocolate in the world. Eliza, Mo, Sally, and Adam, you should all go, and tip one for your homey, Becca.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Shopping is Tricky

Come to find out, the winters in Virginia are going to be warmer than the winters in New York. And Boston! Sandy and I are going to go shoe shopping on Wednesday and buy some damn loafers, because as it turns out, I can wear loafers all year long here! Can you even believe it?! There will be no near-frostbite experiences or bottle-of-juice-freezing-during-walk-home-from-subway experiences for this Southern Becca. It just gets better and better for me down here. Aside from this whole "unemployment" thing, I could not be more pleased with the results of this move. Eliza, you will be on my doorstep in eight days. I am delighted. Get ready for some serious line dancing. The mechanical bull-riding, however, is, of course, optional. Although, I imagine that after a few margs, we will be first in line.

Sandy and I went to BJ's tonight and bought many items in bulk. One hundred tampons for ten dollars. In New York, those suckers would've cost damn near sehbmdy dollars. You have to be careful at a place like BJ's though, for two reasons. The obvious reason is that some things just do not need to be bought in packages of forty. Like cream cheese or turkey bacon. Other items, on the other hand, should be bought in packages of 40. Like Q-tips and blank CD's. The other reason for caution, is prices. While some products may be cheaper when you buy them by the hundreds, others are not. Some packages of forty units are the cost of forty individual units. When that is the case, the "emotional cost", if you will, of storing such a monstrosity in the home is just not balanced out by the savings.

Unlike me, Austin the dog had a very creative and productive day. She was missing her momma (who, by the way, pronounces me Beah-kah, as opposed to Becca), and so made her a t-shirt message. Who knew that an animal with no opposable thumbs could be so crafty!?

Austin loves her Momma

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Some good times

Yardsailing on Saturday morning with Jason, Margot, and Ramsey was a blast. Well, the yardsailing itself was mediocre, but the time spent with the kids in downtown Richmond was quite fun. Before we went, we had some breakfast:


And then we hit up a yard sale that was inside this crazy guy's house. He lived there all by himself and was packing up and moving to Yogaville (which is actually a real town/commune type place in Virginia.) There weren't many good items for the kids and me to buy, but Jason bought some records, of course, and also a good accessory:


The city of Richmond is so beautiful. Old houses on narrow, tree-lined streets.



After yardsailing, we took the kids to a cute coffee shop and got hot chocolates.



When we got back to Jennifer and Dave's house, we had dinner with the family and Jason's father and his family came as well. Jennifer's house is very cozy, and we ate salmon and risotto and pie and Gushers.



After dinner, Ramsey put on a very well choreographed Ninja Turtle performance for the family. It was delightful.



On our way back home from Richmond today, we stopped halfway in historic Williamsburg, and met Jason's old friend Mike for lunch. He is staying with his mother, who breeds dachshunds, and oh my god, there was the cuttest puppy there who needed a home! Man, I can't even be around puppies without losing my shit, they are so damn cute.



There were many funny moments, this weekend, but I will highlight two for you right now. First, was the accent on Jason's father! The Southern accent does not ever fail to crack me up. For example, Jason's father does not work "seventy" hours a week. He works sehb-m-dy hours a week. Sehbmdy! I love it!

I was further tickled this afternoon when I got into the back seat of our car for the first time ever. On the back of head rest of the passenger-side seat I found, to my utter surprise, the following:


I nearly died laughing. In theory, I should be appalled, but to tell you the truth, it was so surprising that it was just plain funny.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Jason and I are in Richmond this weekend, visiting his sister Jen and her family. Last night we were watching the Aviator with Jen, her husband Dave, and their four-year-old son Ramsey. Ramsey didn't say a peep the whole time we were watching; he was paying close attention to Leonardo (with his slicked back hair), playing Howard Hughes. And then out of no where, in the middle of the movie, Ramsey announced, "I'm going to go upstairs and put some water in my hair and brush it, so I can be handsomer." He was quite inspired by Leonardo.

Today, Jas and I are taking Margot and Ramsey yardsailing. I am hoping to find some good country items. I have to say that it is so nice to be around family so often. In New York, we only saw our families on occasional visits. I didn't realize how good it would feel to be around family on a regular basis. They are a support system. And they are a lot of fun.

As an unemployemnt update, I've had two good interviews since the horror show on Wednesday. I no longer feel so discouraged. Thanks guys, for your encouraging messages. I needed them badly. I love you!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A little failure

Today I had a bit of a belly flop. As part of my second interview for the company, who I thought really loved me, I to do a sales test, and I FAILED! The scenario was, the company hires another company to receive my phone calls, and pretend to be potential clients. The "clients" are supposed to give me a hard time while I try to convince them to come into the office for a meeting about financial planning. In the first two phone conversations, I convinced the people to come for a meeting. The last person, however, sort of stumped me. I couldn't convince her. But overall, I thought I did a really good job. In fact, I was patting myself on the back during the calls because I couldn't believe what a good sales person I was! When I was done the phone calls, I talked to the interviewer, and she said that she was waiting to hear from the outside company whether or not I had passed the test. A few minutes later, the woman came back into the room and said that the company called back, and I had FAILED THE TEST. Shocked, I asked her if she got a recording of the conversation or if she could tell me how I failed the test. She said, no, that she does not get any information about my phone calls or what I said to the "clients." The hired company only tells her whether or not I pass.

I feel a little confused, because while I do not have any sales experience or ability to judge my sales skill (obviously), I thought that I did ok. Furthermore, it seems weird to me that the company who I'm actually interviewing for did not have any say in whether or not I passed the test, or even listen to the recording to see if I have potential. I'm just frustrated, I guess.

So after the woman told me I failed, she said, "so, that's it." And I awkwardly left the office. The experience was a strange one for me. I felt like such a poor-sport. What I really wanted to do was throw a little bit of a tantrum, and tell the woman that she was wrong, that I didn't, in fact, fail the test. I wanted to cry a little and tell her that I really neeeed a job, and that she has to give me one. And maybe stomp my feet a little too. Being such a competetive person, accepting failure does NOT come easily for me. In general, I am an optimistic person, I'm very good at dealing with "set backs" or "coming from behind" (hahaha), but I don't do so well with the "no." It makes me want to jump out of my skin and hurl myself at the no-sayer.

Jason, who on the other hand, is finding success everyhere he looks in Virginia Beach (please note: I am NOT jealous of him. Quite the contrary, I want him to do well. And also, SOMEBODY has to bring home the cash here, so I'm quite psyched that he his); is being so very sympathetic and accomodating in my time of need. He is swallowing his pride tonight, and taking me to see Elizabethtown, with Kirstin Dunst and Orlando Bloom. Going to see this movie almost makes everything all better.

I have three more interviews with big banks coming up in the next week (one tomorrow), so I can't complain too much. But I think that you can agree that some small complaints are quite necessary.

On a happier note, here is a picture of me and Jas and his sister, Jen.

Me and Jas and Jen

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So far, not a failure

Finally I had a good interview! And they've already asked me to come in for a second interview! Whoooop. It feels so good to walk out of an interview feeling excited and not deflated by the company's bogusness. It is a Financial Advisor position at a place that we've all heard off, but I will not mention. The thing is, the second interview seems scary. Basically they will be testing me on my interactions with "clients." I will be in "acting" situations where I have to convince clients to let me invest their money. Eliza, I think your experience with the DNC might be helpful here. Perhaps we can practice together over the phone. I have two other interviews tomorrow as well. I sure hope I get a job out of one of these...

In addition to his freelance web stuff, Jason got a 20-hour-a-week internship at a big advertising agency in the area. He starts tomorrow and is very excited and nervous. He has more stuff going on already, here in Virginia, than he did in New York. This is very encouraging. Perhpaps we won't be poor forever after all!

Veering away from the job talk, I am reading an EXCELLENT book right now. I strongly recommend it. It's called, I am Charlotte Simmons, by Tom Wolfe. The book is fiction and it captures American Academia in such an accurate and insightful way. I'm almost done, however, and I'm going through books like the dickens here. Can I get some recommendations please?

Monday, October 17, 2005


We had quite the family-fun-filled weekend. Meeting Jason's father and little brothers was awesome. I really feel like I learned a lot about Jason by meeting his father. They are alike in many ways - sense of humor, looks, charm.


I thought it had been five years since he had seen his fathers and little brothers, but it had really been close to seven years. Jason's little brothers, Zachary and Jeremiah were so excited to see him. Jeremiah was especially moved by Jason's presence. He kept saying "I can't believe it's been seven years! I can't believe we are brothers."

Jeremiah is in seventh grade and plays the flute. He said is favorite subjects are "the ones they are not teaching me yet in school." He said he likes to study chemistry and the theory of relativity for fun. He is the sensitive and outwardly emotional one of the two. He looks just like his mother, Robin. He is very into the beach:


Zachary is in eighth grade and he is the jokester. He looks A LOT like Jason and their father. He was more introverted than his younger brother, but seemingly very aware.



Jason's father was a trip. He is now an electrical engineer, but it is very obvious by the way that he speaks that he used to be a therapist. He spent a good deal of time telling me about his theory that Schizophrenia is a culturally-learned disease as opposed to a genetic disease. He also talked a lot about how much he missed and loved Jason. Here is a picture of Jason's dad and his wife, Robin.


Seeing his dad and brothers again seemed to be very healing for Jason. And so interesting for me. Jason's father his so very charming. He said to me, "Jason needs a good woman like you."

We spent the rest of the weekend babysitting Jason's sister, Jennifer's, kids. Their names are Margot, Ramsey, and Jennings They are so sweet.

Jason spent some time teaching them about what a Budda is:


We met some donkeys at the country fair.



Jennings rested his sweet head on Jason's big loaf of hair while touring the fair grounds.


Ramsy chitchatted with his friend, Dawson.


We went on a magical hay ride.


And then we came home, ate fried chicken and watched Star Wars.



Eliza, it's funny how we are so opposite in our desires [not] to have children. Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT. I want to birth some damn babies right now. It's ok if you do not want to have any kids, because I will have enough for the both of us. And you will be their best buddy. You can teach them all the dirty words and take take them to concerts and they will play with Phil.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Family Weekend

Last night, Jason's sister Jennifer and her husband Dave came to visit. We ate dinner and sat around drinking wine and laughing until late at night. And as usual, I was the first one to bed. This is a big family weekend for us. We are spending the weekend with Jason's neice and nephews (Jen and Dave's kids) while Jen and Dave go on a ten-year anniversary cruise.

Today is also a big day for Jason, because we are going to have lunch with his father. Jason and his father have not seen each other for almost five years. I am very excited to meet this man. I will write later tonight with pictures.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Jamey Pink

Today is another rainy day here in Virginia. If you, too, are feeling a little dreary, please watch the video of my favorite song. It is called Wagon Wheel, by Old Crow Medicine Show. No song makes me happier. The video is ok, I would've imagined it set at night, but oh well. The lead singer is HOT.

This song was given to me on a mixed cd by my friend Max, and Eliza, you and me sure do love it. When I listen to this song, however, I can only think of the memory of the beloved Jamey Pink. Jamey Pink lived with Jason and I for a brief, but very excellent month. Aside from Jason, of course, he is the gentlest, sweetest Southern boy I know. One night he and I and Eliza were sitting in the kitchen of our apartment in Brooklyn, and we played Jamey this song. Within minutes, Jamey was able to play it on his guitar and sounded better than even the original recording. When Jamey plays the guitar, he gets a nostalgic look in his eyes, and you know that he really means it. Jamey would sometimes sit up with us at night and talk. I would tell him my grievences, and he would tell me stories that put everything in perspective. He's got a special gift for that.

For those of you in New York City looking for a good time, you should check out Jamey Pink's band. They are called Huckleberry Slim, and they play music that will remind you of the south and soothe your soul. It's unfortunate that they played last night, and I am writing this post today, but they will be playing again in the city very soon.

P.S. Funny: Some poor soul was directed to my website, specifically, yesterday's post on my "second interview" by using a blog search engine and searching for "Columbia Economics." We must be really impressed by Columbia's ability to educated and prepare its Economics majors to go out into the work force. Visitor, if you are still reading, please do not hold this incident against the Columbia Econ department. My follies are entirely independent of the excellent education I received from Columbia University. There are peaks and valleys in every person's life, and I just happen to be traveling the employment valley at the moment.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Second Interview

For some reason, I decided to go on the second interview with the crazy crazy marketing place. I thought that, at least, it couldn't be more ridiculous than the first interview. Oh, little did I know. All that I knew about the interview prior to going, was that I would be attending an event with one of the employees to observe, and they would see would I was like in a social situation. I got to the office/garage this morning, and waited for about 45 minutes past the appointed time. During my wait, I asked the HR woman, "Am I going to be handing out flyers?" And she laughed and said, "Of course not." And I thought to myself that maybe this company was legitimate after all.

Finally, another woman came out and told me that I would be working an event with her for the day. I got in her car with her and another woman, and on the way I asked where exactly we were going. She answered, "You'll see." They ended up taking me to the the damn Dick's Sporting Goods store at the end of the mall, and wanted me to sell flashlights and umbrellas and harass every person going in and out of the store, all in the name of "missing children." I stood there in shock for a few minutes, just to make sure that it wasn't a big practical joke. Unfortunately, it wasn't. After a little while I just started giggling in disbelief at my predicament. Here I am, moving to Virginia, thinking that I am going to establish my career, get rich, and live happily ever after. And what am I doing in reality? Trying to harass innocent mall shoppers into buying carnival toys in front of Dick's God Damn Sporting Goods Store. Man, if the Economics professors at Columbia could see me now, they sure would be proud of me. Eventually, I pulled up my boot straps and told the women that the job was just not for me. They acted put out and surprised and did not offer me a ride back to the office. I gotta say, the mile long walk back to my car has got be one of my proudest moments yet.


Sal Sal and Eliza, you guys are going to be in Virginia Beach at the same time! We are going to have to do some serious event planning. I've already added a bowling event to the schedule. And Sal, we will construct a sentence construction and comment-leaving workshop for you. We are also going to need to get you started on a blog, my friend.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Run

I am all on my own tonight. Sandy is in bed early and Jason went to a concert with Thayer. Today was the first day we've had down here that really feels like fall. It was so very refreshing. I finally broke down today and went running with Jason. There are so many factors about living in the South that could make me lose my girlish figure. No Subway, no walking (only driving), the Comfort Food, and the cocktails. Did I mention the food? We had barbecue again tonight and it was out of control. I swear to god, I could eat only barbecue sandwiches, potato salad, and pumkpin pie for the rest of my life, and I would be happy as a little clam.

The point, however, is that I went running. With good reason. Jason, somehow, has the motivation to run many times a week. I just do not feel the urge. In fact, I have quite the opposite urge. When he starts to lace up his sneakers, I feel my body gravitating towards the couch. Once and a while, like today, I am psyched to run. The problem is, I only feel that way once in a great while.

I have discovered another amazing part about our new homeland. There is a state park a block and a half from our house. It's a combination of forrest and beach. We ran through there tonight, and it felt so good. The path curves all over the place, so for a little while we were running through the forrest, and then we were passing by the bay, and there's wooden bridges, and oh it's just amazing. At certain points along the run, it really looked like we passing through prehistoric lands. I always thought I preferred running on a track, so I could know precisely how far I have run and how much I have left to go. And though I cannot do that in the trails, the time goes by so much faster. Today was a good day. Man, I love the fall.

My Dad is having surgery tomorrow morning. This is not his first, and while his previous surgeries have all gone quite well, he is still very nervous. I do not generally pray, but tonight I will say a little prayer for him.


Of course, the one interview I have that is productive and interesting is not for an actual job! No really, today's meeting was awesome. I met with the president of an investment group in the area, and he gave me tons of good advice on how to find a damn job in finance. I now have a game plan. A good one.

Jason had a productive day as well.


Very Interesting.JPG


He has got a new client (a big new client) today, and is very excited, because these people seem to be very creative and are looking for the type of design work that Jason loves. He has lots of web designing work in front of him now, and he is psyched. I am psyched too, because this means that we will have some income coming in our direction, AND Jason will be able to sleep at night. No more sighing!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Jason and I have turned one of the guest rooms here into an office! We have a lot more work to do, but it's coming along. This is another good thing about our move. In NYC, there is NO extra space. Here, there is lot's of extra space!


A few things about our unemployment

Yesterday's interview was a big flop as well. The interview itself went well, but the job sucks. They basically want me to invest my own money in their product in order to sell it. There are SO many things wrong with that job description for me. First of all, I don't have any money to invest in my damn self, forget about their company. Secondly, I am the worst sales person in the world. If Jason and I were dependent upon my sales salary, we'd be staying down the street at the local shelter. And lastly, it would be my job to find my own clients. At this point in time, Jason and I (with the exception of the Davis') are FRIENDLESS down here in Virginia Beach. I'm having trouble meeting people who want to talk to me without having to give me thier money. I think that client-finding would be a bit of a problem for me.

The next item on the agenda that I would like to discuss is my significant other's sleeping habits. Jason's sleeplessness is SO LOUD. Jason has been having a hard time falling asleep for the past two nights. After a while of not sleeping, he gets up and watches TV for a while, which helps him fall asleep. There is a period of time, however, before gets up again, in which he lies in bed sleepless. One would think that in this period of time he would lay quietly with his eyes closed counting sheep or something. He does not. Instead, he tosses and turns and tosses and turns and SIGHS a lot. And the sighing, the sighing is so very loud. I'm not sure, because my eyes are usually closed, but I think he might be leaning over and sighing in my ear. It is very obvious during these sighing episodes that he wants me to wake up and keep him company. This is not something that I generally want to do, because I like to continue sleeping once I start. I usually end up opening my eyes for a few minuets and mumble some nonsense, and Jason ends up falling asleep eventually. But seriously, we gotta get some damn jobs soon because the sighing must stop.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Rain and Bore

The rain will not stop! Weather dot com says that it is going to be rainy here through Thursday and then cloudy for the rest of the week. Hate it.

We have had an uneventful weekend here. The big upset of the weekend, however, was when Kallie won the Scrabble crown back on Saturday night. I was winning for most of the game, and then at end she swooped in for the kill. I would've won had I not been stuck with the Q tile the entire game, and had it's 10 points subtracted from my score when Kallie won.

I don't have too much to say this morning. I have an interview at 2 o'clock that I am excited and nervous for. Today marks the beginning of our third week here and also our third week of unemployment. I am ready for something new, for the love of god.

I will write back later today with an interview update.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Vulva Continued

PS. Eliza, the back seat has your name all over it. Literally:


It looks like Radio might have been the previous owner, and he left you a little note on the seat in the back.


I will say this about the Red Sox: While it does hurt that we are out of the playoffs, the pain does not sting nearly as badly as it has in past years when we did not have a recent World Series Championship under our belts. That is all I am going to say about it.

As I have mentioned, Jason and I have PURCHASED A CAR. While this may not be such a big deal for some, it is a very big deal for Jason and me. In New York, we were not leading the most "responsible" lives. We both had a lot of debt, neither of us owned ANYTHING, and there seemed to be loose ends all over the place. Our major goal, here in our new life, is to tie up loose ends, clear up our debt (which Jason is actually almost done doing), and accumulate some assets. We are already starting to make some progress, but I must say that all of this would not have been possible without the help our family has given us.

So yesterday, we put in our time at the DMV,


And lo and behold, we got the Vulva on the road




Jason and I CANNOT STOP looking out the window at her. We are so excited to have a car! No more subway! I am going to ride around in it with my head out the window like a dog.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Business Professional vs. Business Creative

Interviewer: Ok, So I am going to give you a list of hypothetical options, and I want you to tell me which one you would prefer.

Becca: Ok.

Interviewer: Desk or cubical or headset or in the field.

Becca: Do you mean desk, cubical, and headset OR in the field?

Interviewer: Well, that's up to your interpretation.

Becca thinking: (What???)

Becca: Well, I would prefer an office situation... (as opposed to an empty cubical or just a headset)


The interview today was interesting, to say the least. As I had high expectations for this job, I was surpised to walk into the situation with which I was presented. The branch was in an office park, and the office itself was basically a carpeted garage, about which some plants were strewn. There were about four other people scheduled to be interviewed at the same time as I was, and the other interviewees' interpretatons of Business Professional attire were AMAZING.

I do not think that this particular job will be a good fit for me. I do not think that the interviewer and I "hit it off well" or were "on the same page," and was surprised to hear back from them this evening. They left a message on my voicemail asking me to come in for a second interview. I can't decide if I should go in or not. On one hand, it might be a waste of time. On the other hand, I might find out some more (good) information about the company and at the very least get some practice. I'm leaning towards the latter option, but I just felt so yucky in there today, that I am also inclined to pass altogether. What do you think?

PS. The Volvo is here! In our very own driveway! Can't take pictures tonight because it's pouring outside, but I will do it first thing in the morning.

Busy Day

Today is a busy and exciting day. We are leaving in half an hour to go get the title of the Volvo from its current owner and then sit at the DMV for lenghty amount of time to register the vehicle. After the DMV, I will proceed to my interview for the marketing job. I feel nervous, but psyched to be moving in the right direction. Sitting around at home watching the Ellen show is much more satisfying when I know I have interviews lined up. Counting the interview today, I have four lined up for the next week. If one of these works out, I swear to god I will quit smoking. I will really promise anything at this point to get a damn job.

We will be picking the Volvo up in the afternoon, after my interview. I will post pictures of it's hearse-like beauty so soon.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Southern Living

I am not sure where exactly "The South" begins. Growing up in Massachusetts, to me, The South began where Connecticut ended. Perhaps the The South is really everything below the Mason Dixon line (which I think might be in Maryland.) God, my knowledge of geography and history is poor. Where does the Dirty South begin? Is the Dirty South just Atlanta?

The point is, I know that Virginia is in the The South, and The South is a very interesting place. To begin with, The Accent is amazing. Jason says that if my dad (who speaks Boston) came down here, he and many people who live in this area would have an extremely hard time communicating with each other. While Jason grew up here, he no longer has an accent. His mother, on the other hand, grew up on the Virginia/Tennessee border, in a town called Bristol, and she has the accent of a real Southern Belle. Unlike any other place I've visited, the town of Bristol contains both Tennessee and Virgina. The state line runs right down the middle of State Street, so if you are on the east side of the street, you are in Virginia. If you are on the west side of the street, you are in Tennessee. Now, I grew up on the border of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Up there, however, when the state ends, so does the town. There's was no town-sharing in that area. My mother lives in a town called Methuen, which is on the border of New Hampshire. But Methuen ends at the state line, where a town called Salem (NH) begins.

Back to the point. The Accents down here are delightful. Jason was charmed yesterday at his meeting when the guy who he met with said di-sahn (as in, design.)

Another thing about this area is the military. We live in Virginia Beach, which is in the Hampton Roads area. Hampton roads is made up of (roughly) VB, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, and Chesapeake. Anyway, there are many military bases in Hampton Roads, especially Navy bases. There are three bases in Virginia Beach. One of these bases is called Oceana, where they practice jet-flying. As a result, there is SO MUCH jet noise in town. We hear jet noise many times a day and it is loud because they are flying so low. People all around town have stickers on their cars that say "I heart Jet Noise." I have not yet firgured out if these stickers are a form of patriotism, or if they are a joke.

The other night at the Coldplay concert, jets were flying by and masking the music during many songs. At one point, Chris Martin said something along the lines of, "Wow, there are a lot of planes flying by tonight." In response, various people in the audience, agitated at his ignorance, yelled, "That's the sound of Freedom."


I got two interviews today! Things are looking up here, thank the damn lord.

And also, why does no one leave comments? Please remember that I am currently unemployed and bored here all the day long. I need some damn comments to read. Thank you.

The Fall

It was very difficult for me to watch the Red Sox game last night. It reminded me of seasons past when the Sox had this terrible habit of gaining a lead in the first half of the game and losing it in the second half. There was some good hitting happening on our side, but then the White Sox's offense just took over. In order for us to win this series and make it to the next, we have to win the next three consecutive games. We did it last year with the Yankees, and we are playing at home these next two games, so hope is not lost.

On a happier note, IT'S FALL! Austin the dog is very excited about her pumpin this year.

Austin Pumpkin.JPG

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Need more television

I have, in fact, been dying to watch Commander in Chief, and I am so glad to hear that it is good. Any type of political drama, especially a fast talking political drama is right up my alley. Is there fast-talking on Commander in Chief? I don't know what it is about the fast talking that I like so much. In real life we do not banter like that. But for some reason, if they do it in a TV show, I end up loving the show. Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Sports Night, West Wing, they all do it, and I love them.

I thought that I would be watching a lot of tv in Virginia, since there is not a lot to do around here in terms of entertainment. The reality, however, is that I haven't been watching any TV! I haven't even seen the OC. I end up job searching and errand-running all day, cooking in the evening, and then Jason and I sit on the front porch and sip cocktails in the evening. After that I go to bed very early. I guess it is better that I am watching less tv, as some like to call tv watching "bad," but I need to get on the ball and see some damn shows.

I would like to continue blabbing, but Jason needs to take my laptop with him to his meeting, so I must go for now.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Losing does not equal loser

Jason and I are making tacos right now for dinner. Now that we're with Sandy, certain nights of the week are our nights to cook. I know that tacos are easy to do and not necessarily high-brow foods, but man oh man, I feel like a super star when I make them. The keys here are chopping precision and display. Not to be vain, but I am very precise at chopping even tomatoes. I could write a how-to guide on how to chop vegetables into perfectly uniform pieces. And each topping is contained in its own decorative bowl. Sour cream goes into it's own bowl as well. We do not just set out the countainer of sour cream in this family.

After dinner we are going to Thayer and Kallie's (whose name I have been spelling wrong this entire time) house for a scrabble play-off. In July when we were visiting the beach, we played scrabble with them, and before the game I was sure to announce to all that I am a very competitive person and they should be prepared to lose. The game began, and Kallie slowly and quietly kicked my ass. It is hard for me to admit this, especially on the internet, but I have had to mentally prepare all day for the humbling experience I am probably going to have to endure again tonight. My consolation is this: While I do feel sad about losing, it does not mean anything about me as a person. Take the Red Sox, for example. Their loss today was embarrassing. Their loss does not, however, mean that they are not smart or clever or athletic or even good-looking for that matter. They are still my inspiration every little day. The same can be applied to me. It's okay if I lose at scrabble to Kallie tonight. I am still a winner.

I do look great in a suit.

My interview this morning went well. It was more of a networking interview than an interview for a specific job. I met with the president of a retail bank in Virginia Beach, and we talked about finance and investing opportunites in this Hampton Roads area. The best part of the meeting was at the end, when he offered to set up a meeting between the head of an investing group in the area and me. Hopefully this second meeting will lead to something. I need a job so I can buy some cute fall clothes for the love of god. Not to mention bill-paying.

After my interview, Jason and I went and bought some coffee (pumpkin latte, hooray) and the New York Times and did the cross word puzzle. For a brief moment, I felt like I was in New York again. I will write more later, but in the meantime I have serious job-searching to do. Ta ta.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Good Memory

I am starting to feel much better now that I have eaten dinner and relaxed a little.

I'm looking through my iphoto and that makes me feel better too:


Eliza, Beth, remember this day? I had much fun in that parking lot. The most important question here is, whose truck is that?

Reality sets in

The day has been a bit rocky. While we did run a bunch of errands, thus getting a few little things done, Jason and I are both feeling overwhelmed by the big things. Eliza, I think this is the shock period of which I was anticipating. Now that we are in our second week here, it is really hitting us that we are unemployed. Jason and I are both feeling sort of like, "are we ever going to work again?" The prospect of having a stable job again sort of seems like a fantasy. Lots of "what ifs" running through our heads.

I do have an interview tomorrow. That is good. I am, however, nervous. Jason has been panicking today about the larger picture. He too, has an interview coming up, but he's really freaking out about the idea of being an artist in Virginia, and wondering if he is ever going to be able to accomplish the goals he thought he would have already achieved by the time he turned thirty.

The thing about Jason's work though, is that he already has websites lined up to design. And the way things have gone already, I honestly think that it is not going to be at all difficult for him to get more. So from my point of view, there's not much to freak out about on his end. He just has to keep doing what he's doing. I have a feeling that what he's really freaking out about is less about work and more about the fact that he has realized that we are in Virginia to stay.

I imagine that in two or three weeks from now, both of us will have a better idea of what our work situations will be, and things will not be so scary. In the meantime though, the hours of the day are difficult with all of this uncertainty. I don't know what we would do without all of the help we have from Sandy. She is really making this whole move possible for us.

Also, I'm missing being around friends like crazy. I need to get out and sign up for a club or something.

Landlady Dragon

Our old landlord is a horrible monster. I have been leaving her messages about our deposit, how much we're going to get back, when she's going to send it, etc. She finally called back last night and was so awful! She yelled and yelled on the phone and said that the apartment is in terrible shape. She said there are screens missing from the window, and she is horrified that we changed the lighting fixture in the kitchen. In our defense, obviously, we have never taken out or stolen a window screen from that apartment. Instead, we puttle little half-screens in the windows that did not have any. In terms of switching the lighting fixture, the kitchen light did not work and the wires behind it were uncovered and rusty and dangerous! So we put a new one in.

Even though these were basically the only things she could list were wrong with the apartment, she says she has NO idea how much of the $2000 deposit she is going to return to us, if any. She says it'll take at least thirty days for her to figure it out.

I feel so frustrated and upset about this. We spent so much time and money fixing that apartment and cleaning it up. I think she's just one of those awful awful landlords that will try to keep our deposit no matter what shape the apartment is in.

I didn't write last night because that whole thing was so upsetting, but Jason and I have decided not to get involved with the drama. We will just wait and see if we get any money back, and require an itemized cost sheet for her deductions. Grrrrr.

On a happier note, I am so proud of the Red Sox. Can't wait until tomorrow, when the playoffs start.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Happily, I was wrong yesterday. I said that if the Red Sox lose today and Cleveland wins, then we do not get the wild card and the season ends for us. This is not true. According to

If the Red Sox lose and the Indians win, those two teams will meet at Fenway Park on Monday at 7 p.m. ET in a one-game playoff to determine the Wild Card.

How awesome is that!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jason is obsessed with Ultimate Fighting on TV

The Red Sox lost today. This means that the Yankees win the division for the American League East. We still do, however, have a shot at the wild card, and it all depends on the outcome of our game with the Yankees tomorrow and Cleveland's game with the White Sox tomorrow. If we win tomorrow, we win the wild card spot and go to the playoffs. If we lose tomorrow and Cleveland loses as well, we will still win the wild card and go to the playoffs. If we lose tomorrow and Cleveland wins, then Cleveland gets the wildcard, goes to the playoffs, and the season will end for the Red Sox. While this is a very stressful time, I think it's quite exciting that the season is ending with such important series.

On another note, Jason and I found a car this morning that we are going to buy. It is a black 1988 Volvo 730 station wagon. It's boxy and old, but it's really cute and runs well and I love Volvos. Not to mention, it's price fits right in with our budget. We pay for it and pick it up on Monday. We are very excited about having a car again. I will post a picture of it as soon as it's in our driveway.

Last night Jason and I went to dinner with Sandy, Rennie and Autumn at a place called Chick's. Wicked good seafood and very beachy atmosphere. Jason and I got crab cakes, Sandy and Autumn had shrimp, and Rennie had a fish that I've never heard of called Wahoo. There's a dock outside the restaurant, so you can drive over in your boat and have dinner. Cool, huh? Wish I had a boat!

Here are some pictures

Ladies and Gentleman