Friday, September 30, 2005


Progress and Pictures

So we're making a little progress here. We are going to look at a car today or tomorrow. It's an Acura. I don't know anything about Acuras, but it's a friend of Sandy's car, so we figure we won't get swindled. Also, in addition to my Smith Barney interview, I have another interview next week with a second bank. I am finally feeling a little hopeful about the job situation! All of these leads are thanks to Sando and her networking. Man, I am majorly indebted to her at this point.

Yesterday, Jason and I took a short break from our job search and sat on the beach. It was delightful.

This is the path to the beach


And this is Jason and his beach


Did I mention that we went to the concert with Rennie and Autumn last night? We are so excited to be hanging out with some real people this weekend, as opposed to just the animals. Plus, we love them. It's so funny how similar Jason and Rennie are. When you put them together it's like a comedy routine.

Autumn and her puppy


We all went to Thayer and Callie's house before the concert for drinks. We got to play with Canyon and Sunny. I have not shown you a picture of Sunny yet. He is so so cute. Look.


This is Jason and Thayer and Canyon jamming


And finally, here are Rennie and Autumn after the concert. So happy and sweet.


Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just got back from the Coldplay concert. It was excellent. Even Jason liked the music. Chris Martin is quite charming. No wonder Gwenyth wanted to have his baby. Eliza, did you get my Scientist message? Will post pictures in the morning.

It's just us and the animals here

There is a dog here named Austin and she's thirteen. She's an old girl, and she has arthritis, but Jason and I have been taking her for short walks in the mornings to loosen up her bones.

Austin the Dog

We love her, and she's particularly cute when she eats her bone like she's smoking a cigar. Here are some pictures of the front porch and the front walk of the house. Talk about country.

Front Porch in Virginia

Garden Path in Virginia

I am hoping to get a job soon. I have a phone appointment with the Smith Barney guy this week, and Sandy knows two other bank presidents with whom she is going to put me in contact. I hope to god one of those things works out.

Eliza, it sounds like you were having great fun at the hookah bar last night. The whole concept of a hookah bar still baffles me and makes me laugh. I'd rather just smoke a damn cigarette. I'm glad to hear that you were feeling a little cheered up though. I sure do love it here, but I miss hanging out with you (or any friend for that matter.) Rennie and Autumn are coming today for the weekend, and I am very excited about that. I need social interaction after being cooped up in the house all week without a friend or a car. Thank god Jason and I at least have each other or else this thing would be unbearable. Tonight is the Coldplay concert, and I'm hoping to see Gwenyth and Apple.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Responsible Adults

Jason and I just opened a new bank account. And not only did the bank open its loving arms and accept our money, Jason was approved for a credit card! Fire the cannons! Sound the alarms! We're responsible adults!

The most interesting part of the experience, however, was when I stepped away from the banker's desk for a brief moment and came back to Jason making a little drawing on a sketchpad while sitting across from the banker. I gave Jason a quick scowl and sat down next to him, and he said, "Sherri here gave me a notepad to draw on to ease my anxiety." Great! I'm positive that Jason looked like the ideal lendee while sitting across from the banker drawing clouds and squiggles on her notepad.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I've been feeling very irritable and stressed today. Unpacking was not fun. The thing is, it's really difficult to unpack into a house that's already full of stuff. As Jason's old room is upstairs, and we wanted to live downstairs, we had to move into Rennie's old room. This was difficult because Rennie's old room was full of all her old clothes and books and sporting gear, etc. We had to pack up all that stuff, and that took forever. The room is also full of old furniture that's of no use to us, but we can't move or get rid of it, because there's nowhere else in the house to put it, and since this is Sandy's stuff, we cannot throw it away. Therefore, we had to be creative with our unpacking. It got a little overwhelming.

And aside from the upacking, it just hit me that I don't have a job!! I can't handle this. Unlike in New York, it's hard to find a job in this area by looking at job listings online. The job listings are sparse. Therefore, I have to rely on contacts through Sandy. Networking seems to me to be a process that is lengthy in time.

All in all. I'm feeling like everything is a bit unstable with the lack of a house of our own, a job, or a car. I was expecting this transition, but it still sucks a lot.

The good part of today was once the daytime ended. Jason cooked burgers and we drank wine and now I'm surfing the web and I'm going to read a little. Oh, I hate this overwhelmedness. I'm trying to relax, but the anxiety is taking over.

I looked at your financial questions, Eliza. I have answers for you, but I will spell it all out for you in the morning when I'm not feeling like such an ogre. I miss you a lot too, and I wish that we could relax together and watch a romantic comedy.

And Sally, I am glad that you and Eliza are going to hang out! Will you guys send me funny text messages and remind me that there's still life out there?

Night, night, buddy.

Good Morning

Good morning Sunshine!

I am laying here in bed next to Simon the cat, and Austin the dog is laying on the floor in the hallway, guarding our room. Jason is standing aimlessly in the hallway wearing rubber duck pajama pants that he found in his sister's dresser last night (All of our clothes are still packed in boxes.) I sure do love being around animals.

Last night we went with Thayer and dropped off the majority of our stuff at the storage place. I am so glad to get it off of our hands. When we got back we ate dinner with Sandy and talked about our general plans. I was telling Sandy that we had estimated that we would stay with her until the end of December. She told us that she estimates that we'll need to be here until May, in order to save enough money and get everything in order to get our own place. We started discussing, and Jason and I (and even Sandy) think that it might be possible to get our credit and money in order to buy a house by May. Wouldn't that be amazing!? Peace out, renting.

I agree with what you say about the loving of friends. I love you in a totally different way, but definitely no less or more than Jason. It's a different love. It's like family love. We're like family! I think maybe you should let Lori read the websites, and then she will understand that there is no reason to feel threatened. I'm going to go eat some cereal on the front porch with Jason. More later.

Monday, September 26, 2005


There is so much to say about this move. I will start from the top. The process of packing and moving our stuff out of the house and cleaning and painting and more cleaning and more painting and packing some more was more horrific that I can adequately describe. It was gruesome, really. Jason and I had been "packing and cleaning" all week. I was under the impression that we were basically all packed up, and that on Sunday morning, it would take us about two hours to load up the truck, one hour to do a final cleaning sweep of the house, and then we would be on our way at noon. That was so very much not the case. It did, in fact, take us about an hour to bring the boxes down to the truck. Once we took those boxes, down however, our house was still FULL OF STUFF! How did that happen? I don't understand! For example, under my bed was still packed with stuff, Jason's art and art supplies were a-plenty, and then there were all of the wires, and modems, and records, and shoes.... It took hours and hours to finish the packing, and then hours and hours more to clean. We thought that we had touched up all the walls that needed painting on Saturday. But, no, on Sunday, once all the stuff was out of the house, all of the walls and surfaces looked disgusting. I swear, by the look of the apartment, you'd think that Jason and I were crack-addicts living in an apartment that had never seen the likes of a broom or a sponge.

We filled up the sidewalk in front of our house with stuff we didn't want, and finally got on the road at half past three in the afternoon. I took this picture of our house from the tuck, where Callie and Canyon and I were waiting for Jason and Thayer to finish strapping down the trailer.


Callie and I were running commentary from the truck as we were watching people walk by our stuff and take/not take things. It was quite entertaining.

The drive to Virginia was long. We watched the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD. I'm not sure if it was meant for kids or grown-ups or what, but I enjoyed it as much as Canyon did. Apparently, the book has been around for a long time. Jason has even read it, and he is very old. The premise of the story is, the president of the galaxy orders the Earth to be blown up to make way for a super galactic highway. Two lucky humans then somehow find their way onto various space ships, visit various planets, have big adventures, and then fall in love. I know the story might sound a little kid-like or cheesy, but it wasn't really. Mos Def and Zooey Deschanel, the actress from Elf, were in it, and the filmmaking seemed pretty good to me. The highlight of the trip, however, was the tiger sighting on the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The truck directly next to our truck at the toll plaza was full of tigers. Each tiger had it's own little barred window.


After dropping Callie and Canyon (who had school in the morning!) off at their house, we got home to Sandy's house at about one o'clock. And, Sandy, the sweet lamb that she is, had barbecue and potato salad and cole slaw waiting for us. Thayer, Jason and I hovered over the kitchen counter, scarfing down the food and washing it down with sweet tea. I love Virginia.

Jason and I woke up this morning feeling good. We feel that we made a productive decision, moving here. Jason hopes to explore his art as a career now that we are no longer in a city filled with a million other artists. He will work from home, make websites and paint. Office work has never really suited him, and I'm excited that he might be able to do the things he loves and make a living from them. I, on the other, hand am still going to be looking for a job in finance. But the good part is, it won't be finance in New York. I am so thrilled at the idea of going to work, coming home, sitting on the front porch and looking at the ocean. Sandy and I will knit and cook and gossip and be Southern together!

PS. Here are some more pictures from the Brooklyn Bridge and from Grimaldi's.

Thayer and Callie taking over the city


Jason and Canyon walking the bridge


Pete, Jason and Bronagh at dinner


The Weekend

As you know, we had Thayer, Callie, and Canyon staying with us this weekend. Seriously, they could not have been better guests. In addition to the fact that they came up to New York to pack us up and drive us down to Virginia for the love of god, they were good houseguests in general. In my experience, having houseguests can sometimes be ugly when the houseguests want you to act as their "guide to the city." In those kinds of situations, having visitors is exhausting and often not a lot of fun. The Davis family, on the other hand, got up early in the morning, went on their merry way, and found fun things to do in the city. Jason and I got to stay at home and continue the packing game. It was awesome. And then during the nights, they provided much fun and entertainment. The funniest part of the weekend was when I got home from your birthday party on Friday night, and Jason was hosting his own little party at our house. Surprise! If I had known, I would've brought you home with me. Here are some pictures:

This is our friend Allen. He lives in Park Slope in a beautiful, old fashioned brownstone that I wish were mine. He is from Virginia Beach, like Jason. They are childhood friends.


Here are Adam and Sal Sal, who you know very well. Of all of my friends, I think it's safe to say that Sally smiles the most.


Adam and Me.


This was my final goodbye photo with my new and most beloved buddy, Jamey Pink. He will be missed.


Please take note in the background, the Brooklyn apartment in its final hours.

Like I said, on Saturday during the day, we packed and cleaned and painted. Saturday night, however, was our last night in Brooklyn. We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge with the Davis', and man oh man was it awesome. I've driven over the bridge a thousand times, but walking over it is an entirely different experience. The bridge itself is breathtaking. There are cables surrounding you, and old lanterns hanging, and the view! I don't know if you've done it or not, but seriously, you should. It's worth the schlep downtown.


The Party

I have so much to talk about today, I am going to have to write multiple posts.

Your party, Eliza, was quite the success. I really did have a hootin hollerin time. The dinner itself could not have been more decadent and I really enjoyed getting to talk to George at dinner. I knew that he was very down to business, but I did not expect him to also be so funny and nice. He is an excellent story teller. John is so very much his son, they are so alike in personality! And you, you looked fabulous. Even if every other person at the party wore a pink dress too, you still would have been the belle
And the dancing, the dancing was as excellent as usual.


Ultimately, I think that everyone had a great time. I sure did. I love getting dressed up and having everyone I know and love dressed up to. You did good, Eliza.



Friday, September 23, 2005

Ok, So I Freaked Out A Little

Little did I know that yesterday was going to be so emotional. I feel much better now, but for a second there, I was losing my shit. I am so sorry that we had that argument. I really need to process my emotions more productively. I was thinking last night that you handled things yesterday afternoon so much more maturely than I. It would've been really easy for you to juset leave and go home when things were getting ugly. It would've been the easy way out of the immediate situation, but then our argument would've dragged out and escalated. Instead, you just took Phil to the dog run and waited until we both calmed down. I was so glad when you came back. Thank you for that.

Happy hour was fun last night. I spoke in Spanish with my friend Ricardo, and apparently my grammer has gotten a little bad. I forget the future tense enitrely. Woops! I also realized that every time I hang out with Tory, we have a really good time. I don't know why I didn't hang out with her more while I was working at CBS. I think it's because I'm a hermit and never go out with anybody. I can't help it if I have more fun hanging out at home with you and Jas and cooking and watching a movie. To me, that beats going out to a bar nine out of ten times.

It is now time to begin day two of the packing extravaganza.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Breakfast in Bed

It's 9:09 am and I'm not at work! Awesome.

Quick addendum to a previous entry. Jason would like to announce that he does not want to be referred to as a housewife. He prefers Houseman.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Transitioning into the Transition Period

So today was my last day of work. And you know what? I don't feel freaked out by it! I'm unemployed! I love it! I now have the time to make you mixed cd's and knit you sweater vests and bake you apple pies! Maybe I will never work again! That's not true. I do not mean that. What I really mean is that I will truly enjoy this (what I hope to be) three week break.

What I plan to do when I get to Virginia is find the most liberal and progressive non-profit organization and offer my volunteer services. I figure that I can volunteer for a few hours a week in addition to working, no big deal. This volunteer idea is a result of the new promise I have made to myself: I MUST KEEP MY LIFE INTERESTING. I will not move to Virginia and become boring and uninformed and uninvolved. I do not want to do the same thing every day and become disgruntled. Please remind me (gently) of this promise if I seem to be veering off track.

So are we telling our friends about our websites? The thing is, I imagine that eventually we will not know who exactly will be reading what we write. And at some point, especially not knowing who is reading, I might write about something or someone and hurt some feelings or offend. That would be bad. This is something to think about. I'm willing to make the compromise that I will write about whatever I want, but not necessarily whoever I want. I'm rambling, but I think this is something to think about.

Speaking of talking about people on the internet, I just got off the phone with my mother and sisters. My mom has known about our move for almost a month now. I assumed that she had told the girls about it, and I referenced the move while I was talking to Mia. It turns out that my mom had not mentioned it at all to them, and Mia started sobbing on the phone, saying that John Michael and I are leaving them. I feel so sad and upset about it. Mia and Lily are getting old enough now to miss us, and I think that they, especially Mia, are feeling abandoned. Man, that really breaks my heart. I need to make more of an effort with them. It's just so hard though. Talking on the phone is just not the same, especially for seven-year-olds, as seeing someone. And I sure could not ever move back there. I'm going to stop talking about this now, I can't handle it.

I am very excited that your partty is coming up in only two days. I need to find shoes. I also need to pay for a damn Flickr Pro account so I can upload some more pictures, damn it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

J "Martha Stewart" Q

I feel very nervous for tonights Red Sox game. I'm trying not to think about it, as not to jinx them, but the anxiety is building. I wore the hat tonight even though I'm afraid it's bad luck, but I just can't help it. The hat looks great on me. Curt Schilling is pitching tonight. You'd think that the combination of Schilling pitching and the Devil Rays as our opponents, it should be an easy win. At this point though, it's hard to consider even this game a sure win.

You should tell your rommate not to use any aggressive tones inside the house, as it may negatively effect/affect/whatever Phil. Tell him it would be in the best interest of the dog if he would just settle down a little, for the love of god. Speaking of aggressive, when I was a cheerleader in high school and middle school, we used to have a cheer that went like this: Be. Aggressive. B-E Agressive. B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E. Sometimes, when I forget how to spell the word, I say the cheer in my head, and figure it out. Talk about problem solving.

I came home from work tonight and Jason had begun touching up the walls with paint AND picked up our laundry. Amazing! Between the handywork, the cooking, and the working at home, he will make an excellent housewife someday. It's funny, we are now moving in only five days, and neither of us has had a major cold feet freak-out yet. I wonder if we will. I expect the freak-out will happen about a week after we get to Virginia, once the reality sets in. I think, for me, the major reason for freak-out will be having to find a job. I hope with all my heart that the job search won't be as hard, long, and humbling as it was in New York. I am a very bad unemployed person. Last summer, I was unemployed for about a week and a half after school ended in May and I was a wreck. At least this year, I have had a job while looking for another job. I can't imagine what that job search would have been like for me if I hadn't had a job already. I imagine that it would've made me look harder, but I also imagine that I would have had to take some serious antidepressants.

In response to your post: while I am glad that you have decided not to take the LSATS and become a lawyer, I've been watching a lot of West Wing lately, and I think that you would would do very well in politics. Not necessarily a politician per se, but maybe a political advisor or strategist. So maybe law school wouldn't be such a terrible idea after all. Just a thought.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures

Since you got the ball rolling on bodily funtions, I will continue to roll it. I've been trying many different ways to get these damn gas bubbles out of my belly since I got home from work. First I tried the Downward Dog or Yoga Farting Position, if you will, and that did not work. Then I laid down belly-up and whined for a very long time and that didn't work either. Now I am trying to flex my stomach muscles (which I'm finding hard to believe that I even have) from the bottom up to push these bastards out. I think it might be working a little. But I'm still in very big pain. In the middle of the night last night when these pains were keeping me awake, I googled "gas pain remedy" and found a website that said if I cover my belly button with my hand, then the gas will come out of my butt. Big surprise, it didn't work. I didn't think it would, because I never in my life have noticed any gas that was coming out of my belly button rather than my butt.

The point is, I feel gassy and bloated and bored that nothing is on tv. Not even a Fresh Everwood. What's a girl to do for entertainment? This is exactly why, Eliza, I am moving to Virginia. We pay these damn New York City prices to live here, and I end up doing the same thing I would be doing in Virginia, where it is very cheap. I sit on my futon, watch bad tv, and try to release my gas. I don't need to be living in an apartment that requires an extra roommate for us to afford and pay astronomical prices for food and transportation to do these simple things.

I wore my Red Sox hat all the way home from work today, even though it didn't match my pseduo-suit. Since those crazy guys have been sucking a little bit lately (no offense sox, I will always love you) I think that if I wear the hat every day, they will win the big games. Sometimes they just need an extra bit of love and attention. That is what I will give them. It's the least I could do. Jason and I watched an Oprah rerun while we ate our take-out thai fried rice for dinner. She, Oprah, went to a breeder's house to get a new puppy, and she came home with three. She was telling the audience that now she knows how sleep-deprived mothers feel and it made me think of how crazed you were when Phil was just a little pup. Bless his heart. And bless your heart too.

Night, night, I love you!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Waiter

Dear Eliza, I am still waiting for you to initiate your end of this exchange.

I have not done much since you left this afternoon. I did watch Before Sunset. You know, the sequal to Before Sunrise. Given that I found Before Sunrise a total bore, I was so pleasantly surprised by how f-ing good the sequal was. It was angsty and romantic. Just how we like it. I recommend that you watch it.

Jason and I went to this cute brick oven pizza place on Havemeyer for dinner. We sat in the backyard and I ate fettucine primavera. The pasta was perfect because it seemed to soak up all the gross alcohol that seems to have been sitting in my stomach all day. The backyard seating area was very brooklynesque. They basically just set up a few tables at the top of the driveway next to the restaurant. It was both sweet and ghetto. Ulitmately very endearing. I realized as we were eating that this is my last Sunday in New York, and it made me a little sad. I guess I will be saying that this is my last whichever day for the rest of the week. I asked Jason if there was anything special he wanted to do before we leave the city, and he said he wanted to go to the Met one last time. For some reason I can't think of anything New York specific that I want to do. Maybe Saints. That might be fun. I just don't know if I can handle any more drinking between now and your party. We will see. Can you think of anything special that I or you and I should do before I leave?

Ok, my friend. I am going to watch Cops on tv now. Over and out.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Dear Eliza,

Your best friend is obviously the smartest person in the world. I was going to keep a general website, but then I realized that since you're probably the only one who is really interested in the daily events of my life, I will just write to you. And maybe you can write for me too. Websites here are free, you know. What do you think?

I apologize for my crankiness this morning. Sometimes I just cannot control the bitchiness. I will bring you the shirt when I see you tonight. I don't give a what if they don't like my outfits at work. F it. The three girls who have taken our apartment came by and stayed for a thousand hours. With the amount of pictures they took of the place, you would've thought they were at Disneyworld. And then the landlady came and said the apartment looks "nice," but it "needs a lot of work" if we want to get our whole security deposit back. Fab.

I wonder if I can post pictures on this thing. Or link my Flickr or something. Then I can show you daily updates of my hair getting longer and longer during the interims of our visits.